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Pup fiction —Berenson, Laurien, author.

Sending her kids to the Graceland School's summer camp, Melanie discovers that murder is on the schedule when she is thrown into a mystery involving the owner's dead estranged husband and three prize-winning Dalmatians.

Dog eat dog a Melanie Travis mystery —Berenson, Laurien.
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When money turns up missing from the exclusive Belle Haven Kennel Club and one of the members is found dead in a parking lot, Melanie Travis--teacher, single parent, and proud owner of Faith, a rambunctious Standard Pood...

The bark before Christmas a Melanie Travis mystery —Berenson, Laurien, author.
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"Melanie Travis has her hands full with her two young sons, a part-time job, and a half dozen Poodles to her name. But even with the busy holiday season approaching, she still has time to sniff out a Christmastime killer...

Death of a dog whisperer —Berenson, Laurien.
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"When a self-proclaimed "dog whisperer" is found dead in his home, his sister enlists Melanie to help track down the killer"--Provided by publisher.

Doggie day care murder —Berenson, Laurien.
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Pine Ridge Canine Care Center is a place where pampered pooches go to kick back, get primped, and watch a little TV in luxurious individual accommodations. To Melanie Travis, it all seems a bit much-and a most unlikely s...

Bite club —Berenson, Laurien, author.

Thanks to Aunt Peg and her enthusiastic pedigree dog show pals, Melanie's aptly named Bite Club reading group has book lovers all over town burying their noses in thrilling murder mysteries. But another pet project surfa...

Hush puppy a Melanie Travis mystery —Berenson, Laurien.
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Melanie Travis loves her teaching job at Howard Academy, where plans are underway for a Spring Pageant to honor the school's 50th anniversary. Immersed in the preparations, Melanie is hurrying to retrieve a painting of o...

Gone with the woof —Berenson, Laurien.

Helping a legendary dog breeder pen his autobiography, Melanie is stunned when the man's son turns up dead and the breeder is the main suspect, and she resolves to investigate the death amidst ex-lovers, hoarding, and de...

Murder at the puppy fest —Berenson, Laurien, author.
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As a busy mom and pedigree Poodle owner, Melanie has little time to spare. Still, she doesn’t mind helping out at Puppy Fest, an annual fundraiser to benefit Puppy Posse, a local dog rescue organization. Consideri...

Wagging through the snow —Berenson, Laurien, author.

"With a demanding teaching job and five poodles scampering around the house, Melanie Travis barely has energy for the upcoming Christmas rush. But she unwraps an unexpected challenge when her brother and ex-husband make ...

Bite Club —Berenson, Laurien, author.
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"Melanie Travis's new book club caters to readers craving fiction--with bite! But when a real-life murder case bares its fangs, she'll need to swap dog-eared novels for a lengthy suspect list to prove her own innocence"-...

Howloween murder —Berenson, Laurien, author.

"With just a few days left before Halloween, everyone at Howard Academy is anticipating the guaranteed sugar high they'll experience from gorging on Harriet Bloom's famous marshmallow puffs. The private school's annual c...

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