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44 Results
To the Center of the Earth! —Lukas, Catherine.

Tyrone has dropped his lucky penny and Professors Uniqua and Pablo invent a gizmo to help retrieve it at the Center of the Earth.

The mighty egg sitters —Inches, Alison.

When King Pablo instructs his knights to guard the royal egg, Sir Tyrone, and Uniqua the Knight end up chasing the egg all over the kingdom, and when they finally catch up to it they are in for a monstrous surprise!

Rain, rain, go away —Lukas, Catherine.

"It's a sunny day in Ancient Greece. Weatherman Tyrone and sportscaster Pablo are forecasting perfect weather for a basketball game--until it starts to rain. So they travel to Mt. Olympus to convince Tasha, the goddess o...

Jingle bell Christmas —Lukas, Catherine.

Jingle bells, jinglebells, jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to give a gift on Christmas Day! Come celebrate Christmas with the Backyardigans. Lift the flaps to reveal the Secret Santa gifts.

Flight of the singing pilot —David, Erica.

Pilot Uniqua delivers singing telegrams in the hopes of making people smile, but everyone runs away after she sings.

Journey around the world —Albee, Sarah.

The explorers sail around the world to prove to Queen Tasha that the world is round, not flat.

The Polka Palace party : an adventure in teamwork —David, Erica.

Cowboys Tyrone, Pablo, and Austin, along with Cowgirl Uniqua, are on their way to the Polka Palace party in Wyoming. But when they run into danger and lose the instruments that they're planning to play at the party, they...

Agent Secret —Schwanda, JC.

On a mission to retrieve top secret containers, Agent Secret must perform a tricky dance sequence and bypass the evil ploys of the Lady in Pink and Henchman Tyrone.

Race to the Tower of Power —Lukas, Catherine.

To succeed in their plan to take over the world, supervillains Pablo and Tyrone must capture the Key to the World in the Tower of Power, and superheroes Uniqua and Austin must try to stop them.

The secret of snow —Inches, Alison.

The Backyardigans try to convince the Ice Lady to share the secret of making snow with them.

Backyardigans and the beanstalk —Lukas, Catherine.

Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, and Austin grow a giant beanstalk. When they climb up it they meet a giant named Tasha who is tired of eating mush all the time, so they try to teach her how to grow vegetables.

We love a luau! —Shepherd, Jodie.

The legendary Luau brothers, Tyrone, Pablo, and Austin are throwing a luau party.

Castaways! —Inches, Alison.

Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone pretend that they are castaways building a hut on an island. Austin also pretends he is a castaway. He is too shy to say "Ahoy" to the others but finds ways to help them with their hut.

Three wishes —Lukas, Catherine.

Castaways Tyrone, Pablo, and Tasha have been granted three wishes by Genie Uniqua. Read along with The Backyardigans on their island adventure!

Say "please!" : a book about manners —Lukas, Catherine.

The Nile River has dried up so Princess CleoTasha takes her loyal servants Pablo, Tyrone, and Austin on a journey to find Sphinx Uniqua and the secret of the Nile.

Legend hunters! —Ricci, Christine.

Pablo and Tyrone go in search of the Monster of the Murk, Uniqua and Tasha go for a dive in their submarine, and both groups think they have found the monster.

Camp Walkaplanka —Bergen, Lara, 1955-

Uniqua and Pablo are excited to start pirate camp with Pirate Captain Austin, where they learn to swashbuckle, scalawag, and heave ho!

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