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75 Results

A susceptible young woman marries a suave, romantic man never suspecting that he is a murderous scoundrel, obsessed with finding the jewels hidden in their London home. She becomes the helpless victim as slowly, insidiou...

Around the world in 80 days

Phileas Fogg bet his fellow club members that he could circle the globe in eighty days. That may not be impressive today, but in 1872, it was nearly impossible.


In this enchanted swashbuckling tale of two lovers cursed to live together yet apart. With the help of the wily Phillipe Gaston, known as the Mouse, the lovers battle the evil bishop.

Guys and dolls

Hollywood legends Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine (from the original Broadway cast) are dazzling in this Frank Loesser masterpiece. Featuring hits like Luck Be a Lady and A Woman in Love, thi...

The original Nancy Drew movie mystery collection

In 1930, teen detective Nancy Drew debuted in print, captivating girls everywhere. In 1938, she came to the screen in the first of four films with Bonita Granville, whose Nancy is "brainy, feisty, resourceful and full of...

Once upon a honeymoon

Light comedy adventure about a charming journalist who saves a naive American woman from the clutches of her vicious Nazi husband.

Waiting for Guffman

Blaine, Missouri, may be small, but Corky St. Clair always dreams big. Determined to get back to the lights of Broadway, he's created Red, White and Blaine, a musical celebration of the burg's 150th anniversary.

My blue heaven

An urban hood given a new identity under the FBI witness protection program turns a suburban town upside down.

Where the spies are

Yesterday, Dr. Jason Love was an English country physician. Now he's an international agent with all the gadgetry a spy could want: a signal-emitting dental insert, a pen that injects poison, rendezvous passwords, a radi...

The three musketeers

M-G-M's lavish and colorful adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas novel follows adventurous young provincial noble D'Artagnan (Gene Kelly) as he encounters romance and intrigue when he joins royal guardsmen Athos (Van Heflin...

The phantom tollbooth

What could possibly be inside that gigantic, wrapped-and-ribboned box? A tollbooth, a toy car, and adventure! Ride with young Milo through the phantom tollbooth and into a world that combines the enchantment of Norton Ju...

It's always fair weather

A musical revolving around the ten-year reunion of three war buddies who discover that while friendship changes over time, having fun definitely does not!

The bad and the beautiful

Appearances are everything in Hollywood. So when conniving moviemaker Jonathan Shields realizes few mourners will show up for the funeral of his equally conniving father, he knows what to do: hire extras.

Pennies from heaven

Musical-fantasy film, starring Martin as a Depression-era sheet-music salesman who believes that life is like the lyrics of his songs. Peters plays his schoolteacher-mistress.

Out of the past

A tough private eye is caught in a complex web of love, money and murder when he is hired to find a hood's homicidal girlfriend and falls in love with her.

Mr. Lucky

Spirited comedy of a professional gambler trying to raise a new bankroll by fleecing a wealthy young woman.

Heart of the North

Cpl. Jim of the R.C.M.P. is taking his daughter Julie to school in Edmonton on the Arctic Queen. Six men hold up the boat when they stop for wood and gun down Jim in front of his daughter. The new inspector sends Alan af...

Travels with my aunt

'They're killing him bit by bit!' Flamboyant, flame-haired 70-plus Augusta Bertram has opened a package containing a finger that recently belonged to her years-ago lover. The victim's kidnappers continue mailing expendab...

Young Bess

The mother died under the executioner's axe. The daughter rose to become England's greatest monarch, the brilliant and cunning Queen Elizabeth I. Chronicled are the danger-fraught years from Elizabeth's birth to her unex...

Stranger on the third floor

A reporter provides eyewitness testimony that helps sentence a small-time loser to the electric chair for murder. When the reporter himself is fingered in a second murder, he realizes both crimes are the work of a furtiv...

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