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Addy learns a lesson : a school story —Porter, Connie Rose, 1959-

After their escape from North Carolina to Philadelphia in the summer of 1864, Addy and her mother begin their new life as free people as her mother gets a paying job and Addy goes to school and learns a lesson in true fr...

Molly learns a lesson : a school story —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

During World War II, nine-year-old Molly goes to school and with her friends tries to aid the war effort.

Changes for Felicity : a winter story —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

The outbreak of the Revolutionary War in 1775 brings drastic changes to Felicity's life in Williamsburg, affecting both her family and her friendship with Elizabeth.

Happy birthday, Felicity! : a springtime story —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

As her tenth birthday approaches, Felicity is excited by her grandfather's visit, but she is also concerned about the growing tensions between the colonists and the British governor in Williamsburg.

Meet Addy : an American girl —Porter, Connie Rose, 1959-

Nine-year-old Addy Walker escapes from a cruel life of slavery to freedom during the Civil War.

Changes for Addy : a winter story —Porter, Connie Rose, 1959-

With the end of the Civil War in 1865, Addy desperately hopes that her family will be reunited in freedom in Philadelphia, but the future may hold both happiness and heartache.

Felicity saves the day : a summer story —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

During a visit to her grandfather's plantation in Virginia during the summer of 1775, Felicity's loyalty is torn between her father and Ben, her father's apprentice who needs her help as he runs away to join George Washi...

Addy saves the day : a summer story —Porter, Connie Rose, 1959-

Addy and Harriet feud over everything, including fund-raising plans to help the families of freed slaves, but tragedy finally forces them to stop fighting and work together.

Happy birthday, Kirsten! : a springtime story, 1854 —Shaw, Janet Beeler, 1937-

On a Minnesota farm in the mid 1800's, the hard working members of the Larson family find time to celebrate Kirsten's tenth birthday.

Meet Caroline, 1812 —Ernst, Kathleen, 1959-

When her father is taken prisoner by the British, Caroline Abbott, a young girl living during the War of 1812, tries to help her family run their shipyard.

Blaire cooks up a plan —Castle, Jennifer, author.

Blaire Wilson is a creative girl with big ideas and a big heart.

Blaire —Castle, Jennifer, author.

Blaire Wilson is a creative girl with bold ideas.

Felicity learns a lesson : a school story —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

Shortly before the Revolutionary War, nine-year-old Felicity, who lives in Williamsburg, is torn between supporting the tariff-induced tea boycott and saving her friendship with Elizabeth, a young loyalist from England.

Meet Kirsten : an American girl —Shaw, Janet Beeler, 1937-

Nine-year-old Kirsten and her family experience many hardships as they travel from Sweden to the Minnesota frontier in 1854.

Meet Josefina, an American girl —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

Nine-year-old Josefina, the youngest of four sisters living in New Mexico in 1824, tries to help run the household after her mother dies.

Addy's surprise : a Christmas story —Porter, Connie Rose, 1959-

Addy and her mother forgo their Christmas plans to help the newly freed slaves arriving in Philadelphia during the Civil War.

Kirsten saves the day : a summer story, 1854 —Shaw, Janet Beeler, 1937-

Ten-year-old Kirsten is proud and excited when she finds a bee tree full of honey, one of the natural treasures of her Minnesota frontier world, but she exposes herself to great danger by trying to harvest the honey by h...

Felicity's surprise : a Christmas story —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

Christmas in Williamsburg means a dancing party at the Governor's Palace for Felicity, but her mother becomes very ill and cannot finish the special blue gown.

Kirsten and the new girl —Shaw, Janet Beeler, 1937-

When a new girl arrives at school, Kirsten is jealous, completely forgetting how scared and lonely she felt the year before when she was the new girl in school. Gives instructions for making a friendship pillow like thos...

Understanding families : feelings, fighting & figuring it out —Lynch, Amy, author.

This book helps girls understand and get along with the people they are closest to: their families. It includes activities for bringing family closer together, tips on talking about tough topics with Mom and Dad, advice ...

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