72 Results
72 Results
Mama and me.

The bond between mothers and babies are demonstrated with colorful pictures of animals and their young ones.

My first book of shapes.

An introduction to the words and forms of shapes.

See and spy colors

Asks children to name objects that are a certain color on each page.

Baby Einstein. World animals

Discover world animals through music and video.

Baby Einstein. Language nursery

A "video board book" based on current research about infant stimulation and visual preferences. Features the motions of visually stimulating toys and objects, and presents sequences of patterns and photographs. Along wit...

Baby Einstein. On the go riding, sailing and soaring

A playful, interactive exploration for babies and toddlers of the different ways people travel - on land, by sea, and in the air.

My first book of colors —Aigner-Clark, Julie.

An introduction to the words and shades of colors.

Animal homes

Describes various types of animal homes including nests, hives, webs, burrows, caves, barns, reefs, and houses.

Baby Einstein. World music

Swing, sway, and play to a new beat.

Baby MacDonald on the farm —Aigner-Clark, Julie.

Teaches youngsters the way farm animals look, live, and feel with visits to the meadow, the stables, the coop, and the field. On board pages.

Baby Einstein. Baby Neptune. Discovering water

Exploring water from a baby's perspective, this video combines scenes of water in the bathtub, the deep blue sea, rivers, and lakes with visuals of silly puppets, toys, happy children, and the music of Handel, Telemann, ...

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