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6 Results
5-minute adventure Bible stories —DeVries, Catherine, 1968- author.

A simple picture book retelling the stories of the bible.

Moses leads the people.

Moses asked God, ?Are you sure I am the right man?? The Israelites are in slavery in Egypt, and God wants Moses to help set them free. But Moses is afraid no one will listen to him. And the Pharaoh is stubborn! He does...

Ruth and Naomi

Ruth is a trustworthy and kind friend! After the death of her husband, Ruth decides to follow her mother-in-law Naomi to a strange land. Will her faith and trust prove her dedication to God and her family?

Miracles of Jesus

Retells three miracles of Jesus as told in the Bible, including the healing of Jairus's daughter, the healing of the sick woman, and the feeding of the five thousand, and details how all of these miracles point to God's ...