12 Results
12 Results
Eleventh guest —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

The lepers in the valley of Mak'ob hear the rumors that a miracle worker is walking the Earth. Ten lepers are chosen to leave the valley to search for this healer.

Fifth seal —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

The little town of Nazareth is a long way from Jerusalem. But is anywhere in Judea safe from Herod's evil clutches? Gossip swirls around the newlyweds Mary and Yosef. It is far too soon for her womb to carry the growing ...

Sixth covenant —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

Beth-lehem, six miles from Jerusalem, is comprised of simple folk who spend their days tending sheep, newborn lambs, and their own families. Among them, as guest of Zadok, Rachel, and their three little boys, are Mary, Y...

Second touch —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

The story of Peniel, the no-longer-blind beggar who still longs for the connection of home and family. Meet new characters like Lily, Cantor, and Rabbi Ahava, who hold on to hope in spite of their devastating affliction ...

Seventh day —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

While riffling through the archives under the Temple Mount, religious ledaer Ra'nabel ben Dives discovers startling information about a child who escaped the slaughter of Herod the Great's soldiers. Meanwhile, in Bethany...

Fourth dawn —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

While working in the barn, young Mary of Nazareth receives an unusual visitor. What he tells her will change everything about her life and impact all those in Judea and beyond for eternity. Yet will Yosef, her betrothed,...

Third watch —Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

From the wilderness of Sinai in the south to Mount Hermon in the north, the question of Yeshua of Nazareth's identity resounds across the ancient land of Israel.