8 Results
8 Results
Just me and my puppy —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

Even though Puppy misbehaves, he makes a wonderful pet.

Just a mess —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

A boy cleans up his messy room to try to find his baseball mitt.

Just me and my little brother —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

Little critter imagines all the things he and his little brother will be able to do.

Just me and my babysitter —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

Little Critter does his enthusiastic best to help his babysitter, although his efforts frequently make a bad situation worse.

Little critter's bedtime storybook —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

Finding Little Sister acting selfish, fussy, and grumpy and refusing to go to sleep, Little Critter tells her four bedtime stories in which the characters reflect her bad behavior.

Baby sister says no —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

A boy has a hard time playing with his friend because his baby sister is hanging around yelling, "No," about everything they try to do.

Little Critter's this is my school —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

Little Critter's first of school is full of new experiences.