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13 Results
Hollywood tough : a Shane Scully novel —Cannell, Stephen J.

Detective Shane Scully is back in the good graces of the department, hailed as a hero after bringing down a deadly gang of rogue cops in The Viking Funeral. At a glamorous Hollywood party with his new wife, Alexa, Shane ...

On the grind —Cannell, Stephen J.

Dismissed by the LAPD and thrown out by his wife for allegedly blackmailing and sleeping with a suspect, Shane Scully lands an entry-level job at the Haven Park PD, a department known for its corruption. Before long, he ...

Three shirt deal : a Shane Scully novel —Cannell, Stephen J.

When his review of a murder conviction is shut down by an LAPD Deputy Chief, Scully's suspicion that his client is innocent is confirmed. Things are further complicated by the involvement of a violent gang and a corrupt ...

The pallbearers —Cannell, Stephen J.

Shane is forced to revisit these memories when Walter "Pop" Dix--the only father he had ever had-- is found dead, the victim of an apparently self-inflicted shotgun blast. Shane and his fellow pallbearers don't believe i...

White sister —Cannell, Stephen J.

Detective Shane Scully goes up against Stacy Maluga, a trashy, beautiful Lady Macbeth-like white woman, married to a multimillionaire rap mogul, and known in the gangsta hip-hop world as the White Sister.

The Viking funeral —Cannell, Stephen J.

LAPD Sergeant Shane Scully ("The Tin collectors") happens to see an old friend one day. Problem is, the friend is supposed to be dead. Scully has stumbled upon the secret of the Vikings, former cops, all supposedly decea...

Vertical coffin —Cannell, Stephen J.

Shane Scully is sent to investigate a deadly battle of wills between two elite SWAT units in Los Angeles.

Cold hit —Cannell, Stephen J.

Startling connections between a ten-year-old "cold case" and a string of brutal killings of Vietnam veterans in Los Angeles, attributed to "The Fingertip Killer," lead Detective Shane Scully to a sinister government cons...

The prostitutes' ball —Cannell, Stephen J.
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Detective Shane Scully responds to a call in the Hollywood hills at a once-immaculate mansion, the scene of an infamous murder twenty-five years prior. He discovers the remnants of a lavish pool party. The revelers have ...

The Viking funeral —Cannell, Stephen J.
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Driving along the freeway, LAPD Sergeant Scully glimpses his oldest friend and LAPD colleague, Jody Dean. It's been two years since Jody committed suicide. Now Shane is confronted by the bizarre truth: Jody and five othe...

The Pallbearers —Cannell, Stephen J.
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Scully, who grew up as an orphan, must revisit his painful childhood to find out who murdered his charismatic mentor and onetime father figure. It takes him up against an unexpected adversary whose power and influence fa...