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8 Results
Crash landing —Seegert, Scott, author.

Kelvin is desperate to take Luna to Sci-Fi Junior High's school dance, but first he must face mad scientist Erik Failenheimer and his army of pinions.

Солярис Solaris Soli︠a︡ris Solaris

Ground control has been receiving strange transmissions from the three remaining residents of the Solaris space station. When cosmonaut and psychologist Kris Kelvin is sent to investigate, he experiences the strange phen...

Sci-Fi Junior High —Seegert, Scott, author.

As the new student at Sci-Fi High School on an inter-galactic space station, can Kelvin Klosmo, the unremarkable son of Earth's two most famous geniuses, save the universe from a mad scientist?

Solaris —Lem, Stanisław, author.

"When Kris Kelvin arrives at the planet Solaris to study the ocean that covers its surface, he finds a painful, hitherto unconscious memory embodied in the living physical likeness of a long-dead lover. Others examining ...

Brilliant blunders : from Darwin to Einstein--colossal mistakes by great scientists that changed our understanding of life and the universe —Livio, Mario, 1945-

"Drawing on the lives of five great scientists -- Charles Darwin, William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), Linus Pauling, Fred Hoyle and Albert Einstein -- scientist/author Mario Livio shows how even the greatest scientists made m...

The unsettling stars —Foster, Alan Dean, 1946- author.
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"Taking place in an alternate timeline created when the Starship Kelvin was destroyed by a Romulan invader from the future, this bold new novel follows Captain James T. Kirk and an inexperienced crew commandeering a repa...

Sci-Fi Junior High Sci-Fi Junior High Series, Book 1. —Martin, John.

Kelvin Klosmo isn't just the new kid at school-he's the new kid in the galaxy! Welcome to Sci-Fi Junior High: an intergalactic space station with students of all shapes, sizes, smells, and slime content. As the son of Ea...

Thorns —Silverberg, Robert, author.

In a world where humanity has colonized the solar system begun to explore more of the local galaxy, a vast audience follows real-life stories presented by wealthy media mogul, Duncan Chalk. Chalk feeds on the pained emot...