8 Results
8 Results
The adventures of young Indiana Jones. Volume one

Join the amazing journeys of young Indy as he crosses paths with Picasso, Freud, Edison and other larger-than-life luminaries on his travels around the world.

The adventures of young Indiana Jones. Volume 3, The years of change

Follow the thrilling escapades as World War I ends and young Indy gets entangled in adventures with famous--and infamous--figures like Ernest Hemingway, Woodrow Wilson, Louis Armstrong and Al Capone during some of the mo...

The seventh sign

Revelation is at hand-- six signs of the Apocalypse have come to pass. Now only one woman can stop "The seventh sign."

CIA, exiled

Ex-CIA operative (William Petersen), exiled to a Caribbean island, is haunted by a mysterious and dangerous past. Chaos ensues when the island paradise explodes in a blazing battle and he is caught in the crossfire of in...

Cat Is Art Spelled Wrong.

Fourteen writers take on perhaps the most important cultural issue of our time: figure out what we re talking about when we re talking about cat videos. New York magazine Are cat videos art? This essay collection, fun...

Distributed power in the United States prospects and policies

Providing reliable and secure electric power to meet the growing demands of this century, in a way which mitigates the adverse effects of climate change, is a daunting challenge. The situation has given rise to increased...