18 Results
18 Results
Hello, dolphin! : a story of a bottlenose dolphin —Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner.

On his first day of life, Little Dolphin learns to use his blowhole, eat, swim, and communicate as he observes and interacts with his mother and other dolphins. Includes glossary and note to parents.

Working hard with the mighty tractor trailer and bulldozer —Korman, Justine.

Sam drives a mighty tractor trailer with a bulldozer on top to a busy construction site where workers will build a new home.

Manatee winter —Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner.

A mother manatee and her little calf travel from the Gulf of Mexico through dangerous water full of speeding boats.

Seahorse reef : a story of the south Pacific —Walker, Sally M.

Describes a sea horse living in the coral reefs of the central Philippines, its habitat, life cycle, food, and how it protects itself from predators.

Highway trucks —Korman, Justine.

Martha is happily starting a cross-country journey as a trucker delivering books. Young readers get to ride along.

Raindrops and rainbows —Wyler, Rose.

Simple text and experiments illustrate why it rains, how clouds and rainbows form, and why lightening and thunder occurs.

Working hard with the Mighty Mixer —Hughes, Francine.

Mike's Mighty Mixer mixes and pours cement at busy construction sites.

A service dog goes to school : the story of a dog trained to help the disabled —Smith, Elizabeth Simpson.

Follows the selection, raising, training, and placement with a young disabled boy of a service dog named Licorice. Includes a list of service dog schools and organizations.

Building the skyscraper —Korman, Justine.

Alex watches the construction of a skyscraper on his block, from the day the empty lot is measured until the dedication of the new building and its adjacent playground.

Grass and grasshoppers —Wyler, Rose.

Describes the quanities of grass, how it grows, and the animal life found there.

Coral reef hideaway : the story of a clown anemonefish —Boyle, Doe.

A clown anemonefish, that lives in the delicate tentacles of a sea anemone, finds a mate, lays her eggs, and protects them from other coral reef animals until they hatch.

The starry sky —Wyler, Rose.

Simple text introduces characteristics and properties of the sky, sun, stars, planets, and moon.