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All you need is love. [vol. 12], Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll, Rock 'n' Roll

The story of rock n roll begins in Memphis, TN, in the tiny studio of record producer Sam Phillips. He tells of how he discovered Elvis Presley and of the struggle he had to get Presley accepted, not the overnight succes...

Cream farewell concert —Cream (Musical group)

For two glorious years, Cream's high-volume blues, jamming and extended solos blazed a path into rock history. But the time to part had come, and all that remained was one wild, unforgettable concert. Now you are there, ...

Blade collection

Blade: When the bloodthirsty immortals' lord, Deacon Frost, declares war on the human race, half-vampire Blade is humanity's last hope for survival. Blade II: Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in ...


To win back his kingdom, Jason must enlist the help of Medea, a powerful sorceress. But when Jason scorns her for another woman, she unleashes a firestorm of revenge.

Bodies from the library. 3 : forgotten stories of mystery and suspense by the queens of crime and other masters of the golden age

The Golden Age of detective fiction had begun inauspiciously with the publication of E.C. Bentley's schismatic Trent's Last Case in 1913, but it hit its stride in 1920 when both Agatha Christie and Freeman Wills Crofts -...

Fin whales —Palmer, Sarah, 1955-

Describes the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of the world's most common whale, the finback.

Howard Goodall's choir works Choirs perform

The Choir works series shows how singing in groups is fundamental to the way communities express themselves and gives an overview of some of the vastly different choral traditions of the world today. A bonus program, Cho...

Humpback whales —Palmer, Sarah, 1955-

Introduces the physical appearance, habits, diet, and habitat of the humpback whale and threats to its existence.


Tells the story of Margot Fonteyn, the most famous dancer that England has ever produced. It is a story of courage and tenacity, of unbelievable devotion to her art and to those whom she loved. Among the ballets featured...

All my loving a film of pop music

A groundbreaking documentary on music and its effect on pop culture in the late '60s, with previously unseen footage from the Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Pink Floyd, and many more.

Explorers' sketchbooks : the art of discovery & adventure —Lewis-Jones, Huw, author.

"One vital piece of equipment has been a constant in explorers' kits for centuries of adventure--the sketchbook or journal. Often private, they are records of immediate experiences, insight, and discovery, and in their p...

Long, Tall Texans: Tony —Palmer, Diana.

New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer revisits a tale of true love-also published in 2009 as Silent Night Man in the 2-in-1 collection The Winter Man -under the mistletoe... What does Millie Evans wan...

X-Men. Fallen angels —Duffy, Jo, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 2 of 2

"Madrox and Siryn! Sunspot and Warlock! The Vanisher and Boom-Boom! Mix these six unlikely allies with Devil Dinosaur, cyborg lobsters and some teenage runaways, and you've got the Fallen Angels! What wonders await these...

William S. Burroughs Cutting Up the Century

"This definitive book on Burroughs' decades-long cut-up project and its relevance to the American twentieth century, including previously unpublished works. William S. Burroughs's Nova Trilogy ( The Soft Machine, Nova Ex...

The year's best military & adventure SF. Volume 4

The Year's Best Military and Adventure SF series roars into its fourth year, with more stories of derring-do, military combat, and edge of your seat suspense. Thrilling tales of grand science fiction adventure and milita...

Nipped in the Bud —Palmer, Stuart, 1905-1968.

A comedian is dead, a witness is missing, and only Miss Withers can set things right In comedy, timing is everything. If Tony Fagan were a better comic, perhaps he would've known when to keep his mouth shut. After weeks ...

The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers —Farrell, Andy.

Walter Hagen to Tiger Woods, a fascinating and knowledgeable history of golf through the most talented men and women to have ever played the game. Now in paperback, with a new section featuring rankings for each player C...

Ready, set, play! parents and children bonding through sports

Providing healthy and active lifestyle for our family is more difficult than it s ever been. Parents struggle to get their kids off the computers and away from video games and TV. In Ready, Set, Play!, some of the bigges...

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