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31 Results
YogaKids 2 ABC's for ages 3-6

From alligator to zebra, Yoga ABC's guides your child through 26 playful kid-style poses, movements, and games inspired by animals, flowers, and other familiar icons kids love. Includes abc play that teaches kids about n...

Pilates for beginners

Jillian Hessel provides instruction to master pre-pilates fundamentals, discover optimum workout level, and align and balance from within.

Massage practice. Reflexology

Instruction on reflexology massage to increase energy, ease muscle tension, pain and stress.

Little house on the prairie. Season 6

Almanzo Wilder comes to Walnut Grove with his siser Eliza-Jane, the new schoolteacher. The Ingalls decide to adopt Albert. Nels Oleson is reunited with his estranged sister. A faith healer convinces the citizens of Walnu...

A.M. and P.M. T'ai Chi

Features two workouts. A morning workout for preparing one's mind and body for the day ahead and an evening workout that relaxes the body and relieves it of stress and everyday problems.

Body target. Hips & thighs

Sculpt a long, lean body from the waist down.

Lower body yoga for beginners

"Target the muscles in your lower body and you can dramatically reshape your physique -- and with Lower Body Yoga, you'll also do so much more. The flowing rhythm of this routine, its stunning setting atop Maui's Haleaka...

Prenatal yoga

Instructor Shiva Rea demonstrates a series of stretches and strength-building exercises that address the specific needs of a changing body. This workout focuses on comfort and relaxation while increasing energy and stami...

T'ai chi beginning practice

U.S. and world t'ai chi medalist David-Dorian Ross' clear, masterful instruction is captured live in this DVD. The result is more candid, thoughtful expression with pointers that both sharpen your form and deepen the ben...

Yoga conditioning for weight loss

The workout accommodates all levels of fitness by simultaneously demonstrating four levels of modification.

Energy boost for seniors

Tai chi workout to help seniors gently and effectively restore vitality and enhance the body's natural healing abilities. Emphasizes slow movement and deep breathing.

A.M. & P.M. stretch

A sequence of exercises that stretches muscles, improve posture and increases the range of motion in you joints and helps free the body and mind of the tension accumulated throughout the day.

Meditation for beginners

Maritza guides you step-by-step in the practice of Mindfulness and shows you how to focus your mind inwardly to reduce stress and tension.

Pilates. Abs workout

Use the power of Pilates to increase tone in the abdominal muscles.

Cardio burn weight loss

Four fun, motivating, low-impact 10 minute workouts integrate fitness-walking and low-impact aerobics techniques, creating indoor cardio routines almost anyone can do anytime, anywhere.

Quick start yoga for weight loss

Presents a diet-free program for weight loss via yoga. The workouts boost metabolism, shape lean muscle, and provide additional energy.

Witching you were here —Lee, Amanda M., author.

"Winter has hit Hemlock Cove--and not in a fun way. The cold weather is keeping most tourists out of town, which is just fine with the Winchester witches. They're using the lull as a way to recharge and take a break--eve...

5 day fit chi

Tai chi and Qigong are centuries-old practices designed to promote healing, stress relief and energy flow. Using a series of gentle, flowing movements and breathing techniques, you'll revitalize the body by releasing ten...

Qigong for stress relief

Meditative movements, focused breathing, and visualization techniques relieve stress symptoms along with boosting stress resilience both physically and mentally. For all fitness levels.

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