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83 Results
Slugs in love —Pearson, Susan.

Marylou and Herbie, two garden slugs, write love poems in slime to one another but have trouble actually meeting.

Spies, lies, and disguise : the daring tricks and deeds that won World War II —Swanson, Jennifer, author.

"In the late 1930s, times were desperate. The world found itself at war again, hardly more than twenty years after the First World War had ended - and the stakes were never higher. The leaders of every country involved w...

Little buggy —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

A young ladybug is determined to learn how to fly and, with the help of his father, he succeeds.

Hippo goes bananas! —Murray, Marjorie Dennis.

As animals tell one another about Hippo's strange behavior, each makes up something terrible to add to the story, until they are frightened that Hippo will destroy the Serengeti itself.

The birthday pet —Javernick, Ellen.

Danny can have a pet for his birthday and he knows exactly what he wants, but the other members of his family think differently.

Miss Malarkey leaves no reader behind —Finchler, Judy.

Miss Malarkey vows to find each of her students a book to love by the end of the school year, but one video-game loving boy proves to be a challenge.

Straight to the pole —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

A boy who is struggling through snow to get to school is about to give up but then hears some good news from his friends.

Once upon a cool motorcycle dude —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

Cooperatively writing a fairy tale for school, a girl imagines a beautiful princess whose beloved ponies are being stolen by a giant, and a boy conjures up the muscular biker who will guard the last pony in exchange for ...

How they croaked : the awful ends of the awfully famous —Bragg, Georgia, author.

A look at the deaths of several famous people throughout history and the circumstances surrounding those deaths.

Gimme cracked corn & I will share —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

Chicken dreams about a treasure and sets off on a dangerous journey to find it.

Bud —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

The orderly Sweet-Williams are dismayed at their son's fondness for the messy pastime of gardening.

Something rotten : a fresh look at roadkill —Montgomery, Heather L., author.

When Heather L. Montgomery sees a rattlesnake flattened on the side of the road, her first instinct is to pick it up and dissect it--she's always wanted to see how a snake's fangs retract when they close their mouths, an...

Captain Raptor and the space pirates —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

Captain Raptor and the crew of the Megatooth are called back into action to save the planet Jurassica from rogue space pirates.

Caught! : nabbing history's most wanted —Bragg, Georgia, author.

"A humorous look at how famous people got caught, including Joan of Arc, Blackbeard, Al Capone, and more! From the award-winning team that brought you How They Croaked and How They Choked. Outlaw, assassin, art thief, an...

The great race —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

Retells the traditional tale of the tortoise and the hare as a match between the very vain Lever Lapin and Nate Turtle, who is tired of all of the publicity Lever's speed generates.

Once upon a royal superbaby —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

Cooperatively writing a story for school, a girl imagines a king and queen who have a baby named Sweet Piper who can talk to birds, while a boy names the baby Sweet Viper and gives him super-strength, cool wrestling move...

Colliding with Chris —Harder, Dan.

A young boy's first ride on a bicycle with hand brakes turns out to be much wilder than he ever imagined.

Animal crackers fly the coop —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

In this humorous take-off of "The Bremen Town Musicians," four animals that aspire to make it big as comedians leave their owners and seek their fortunes.

Captain Raptor and the moon mystery —O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

When something lands on one of the moons of the planet Jurassica, Captain Raptor and his spaceship crew go to investigate.

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