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12 Results
Luna spirit of the whale

Luna, an orphaned whale becomes the center of a controversy in a small coastal town when a government official is sent to capture it and return it to its pod. The community bands together under the leadership of the loca...

The sweetest thing

Christina and her party-hopping pals are three sexy singles who love the night life. At the city's most exclusive dance club, Christina unexpectedly meets Peter, her perfect match. Discovering the next morning that he's ...

Windrunner [a spirited journey]

A high school boy reluctantly moves with his mother to a small town in Southern Utah. There he visits his father in prison, meets a girl, makes the football team and befriends a mysterious Native American.

Snowbound with the soldier —Faye, Jennifer.
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It has been seven long years since Kara Jameson last saw Jason Greene. Returning home as a wounded war hero, Jason looks a shell of the man she once knew. Yet her heart still skips a beat as if it was yesterday. Stepping...

Facing Mariano Rivera Players Recall the Greatest Relief Pitcher Who Ever Lived. —Fischer, David.

The all-time career leader is saves, with 633, Mariano Rivera is one of the greatest professional athletes in history. Since taking over the closer's role for the New York Yankees in 1997, Rivera saved thirty or more gam...