14 Results
14 Results
Garfield's tales of mystery —Kraft, Jim, 1954-

Garfield the detective is on the case in five action-packed mysteries guaranteed to amuse and intrigue mystery lovers and Garfield fans alike. From a haunted amusement park to an overcrowded henhouse, the clues turn up f...

Garfield goes to disobedience school —Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28-

Jon can't take it anymore. He's fed up with Garfield's bad behavior and has sent the bratty cat off to Pet Obedience School. Unfortunately, the school has never had a student like Garfield before. Will Garfield or the sc...

Garfield on the town —Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28-

During a trip to the veterinarian, Garfield the cat escapes in the city, finds his mother, and discovers that his relatives are members of an unsavory gang of mousers.

Garfield the magician —Kraft, Jim, 1954-
Graphic Novel
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Garfield zaps himself and Odie to the Magic Zone while showing Jon his magic act. Realizing that Jon was not magician enough to get them back, Garfield manages to summon up the magic to return them just in time to save J...