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Snow White and the seven puppies —Bisom, Lauren, author.

"When the queen kicks Snow White and Clifford out of the castle, they have nowhere to go. Luckily, they find seven tiny puppies to take them in! Will Snow White and Clifford find a happily ever after?"--Back cover.

Fairy girls. Volume 1 —Boku (Comic book author), author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 4 of 5

Erza, Lucy, Juvia, and Wendy stumble upon a group of four female ruffians trying to pass themselves off as genuine Fairy Tail wizards. As they untangle the impostors' plot (with time for a few laughs along the way), the ...

Fairy girls. Volume 3 —Boku (Comic book author), author, artist.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 4 of 4

For the women of Fairy Tail, wizarding work is never over, especially when the guild receives missions that only Lucy, Erza, Juvia, and Wendy can handle! From posing as handsome hosts to infiltrating an all girls boardin...

Fairy tail
Nintendo Switch
Availability: 6 of 7

NINTENDO SWITCH. Fairy tail's enchanting storyline includes the fan-favorite tenrou island Arc, the Grand magic games Arc, and the tartaros Arc; as well as other episodes from the original canon based on Hiro mashima's b...

Fairy tail. 100 years quest. 2 —Mashima, Hiro, 1977- author, artist.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 1 of 2

"Cornered by the Dragon Eaters of the guild Diabolos, Natsu and his friends have to fight for their lives against foes who seem to be ready for all their tricks! They want to save the Water Dragon, but can they even save...

Fairy tales & fantastic stories —Jones, Terry, 1942-

A collection of stories, mostly original fairy tales.

Fairy girls. Volume 4 —Boku (Comic book author), author, artist.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 3 of 3

When there's magical trouble in Fiore, everyone knows they count on the powerful women of Fairy Tail. The girls are faced with a new batch of problems to solve, from the dangerous to the romantic! Lucy, Erza, Juvia, and ...

Fairy tail
Playstation 4
Availability: 5 of 6

PLAYSTATION 4. Fairy tail's enchanting storyline includes the fan-favorite tenrou island Arc, the Grand magic games Arc, and the tartaros Arc; as well as other episodes from the original canon based on Hiro mashima's bes...

The little book of drawing dragons & fantasy characters : more the 50 tips and techniques for drawing fantastical fairies, dragons, mythological beasts, and more.

"Featuring drawing lessons, step-by-step projects, and open practice pages, The Little Book of Drawing Dragons & Fantasy Characters teaches beginning artists how to draw dragons, fairies, mythological beasts, and more. ...

Puss in boots collection. Volume 1, amazing tails
Graphic Novel
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Thrilling adventures starring everyone's favourite swashbuckling cat! Plus four special bonus stories: 'As the Saying Goes', 'Hall of Mirrors', 'Costume Craze' and 'The Pickled Piper of San Lorenzo'.

Cat vs Human Fairy Tails —Surovec, Yasmine.

In this collection from popular Web comic Yasmine Surovec, fabled characters and fairy princesses are replaced with cat ladies and gents ... and cats. Rapunzel’s prince comes to rescue…his cats. Sleeping Beauty’s true lo...

Angelina Ballerina. The silver locket

"Angelina and the silver locket": Angelina borrows her mother's precious silver locket without permission and is devastated when she loses it. "Show and tell": Angelina takes her baby sister, Polly, to 'Show and Tell Day...

Feathers and tails animal fables from around the world —Kherdian, David.
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

A collection of animal fables, folktales, and proverbs from a wide variety of sources. Includes "Crane woos Heron" (Russian), "Anansi rides Tiger" (West African), "Monkey" (Chinese), and "The stolen moon" (Kutchin Indian...

Piggy riddles —McMullan, Kate.

Forty-two riddles about pigs, including "What did the piggy's fairy godmother do? She grunted him three wishes" and "How do sty-lish sows wear their hair? In pig-tails."

Pedro and the coyote based on Mexican folk tales —Sepehri, Sandy.

After the coyote steals three chickens and fools him, eight-year-old Pedro tricks the coyote by convincing him that the reflection of the moon is actually a piece of cheese in the lake.

Dogerella —Boelts, Maribeth.

DOGERELLA SPENDS HER days scratching the fleas and fluffing the tails of her ungrateful stepdog mother and mean stepdog sisters. At night, she dreams of a home where she is loved. In a nearby castle lives Bea, a sweet, s...

Tales from Silver Lands —Finger, Charles Joseph.
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

The folk magic of a land of silver cascades, mist-shrouded mountains, and wide pampas fills these nineteen South American stories. For grades 4-7. Newbery Award winner. 1924.

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