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The reincarnation of Peter Proud
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Professor Proud is suffering from recurring nightmares of a place he has never seen, a woman he has never met, and a death so brutal and horrifying he must seek an end to the torment. His research leads him to the most u...

The sea chase

German naval officer Karl Ehrlich loves his country and hates Hitler. As World War II erupts, Ehrlich defies orders and takes his freighter on a fox-and-hound pursuit from the Germans and the British.

What if? : mind-boggling science questions for kids —Ehrlich, Robert, 1938-

Questions and answers explore the earth, weather and climate, forces and energy, plants and animals, and other scientific subjects.

Mother caring for 7 billion

Examines the problem of world overpopulation from a variety of perspectives, including economics, family planning, and gender inequality.

A better beginning : supporting and mentoring new teachers

Educational leaders discuss the needs of new teachers and ways of meeting those needs, covering induction programs; meaningful mentoring; comprehensive teacher support; improvement of instruction and communication; and l...

Population puzzle boom or bust?

Drawing from government reports, think tank studies, scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and books, this insightful overview offers a range of contrasting viewpoints and policy perspectives on the major issues con...

Polar explorers for kids historic expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica with 21 activities —Snowden, Maxine.

Describes the travels and adventures of Arctic and Antarctic explorers throughout history, from Eric the Red in 981 or 982 to Gretel Ehrlich in 2000.

Blood Alley The sea chase

Blood Alley: A merchant marine captain, rescued from the Chinese Communists by local visitors, winds up transporting an entire Chinese village to Hong Kong on an ancient paddle steamer.