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7 Results
Stanley outdoor projects : a homeowner's guide —Schiff, David, 1955- author.

This Stanley-branded book is designed to help you think about your outdoor space as a whole and then create the garden structures and furnishings that fit the way your family lives. Here you will find 14 great projects c...

Niiwin : four Ojibwa critter tales —Coleclough, Kathleen, 1962-, author.

When Antoinette is out berry-picking with other elders, she becomes separated from them and starts chatting to someone she senses is behind her, telling four animal tales.

Curious critters. Volume two —FitzSimmons, David, author, illustrator.

"See stunning images of everyday animals, including a great-horned owl, American alligator, bluegill, striped skunk, gold-green sweat bee, cave salamander, sidewinder, and many other eye-catching creatures. Each Curious ...

DJSturbia —Schow, David J., author.

"DJSturbia is home to monsters. All kinds of monsters, from skyscraper-sized Godzilla (twice!) to the microscopic space germ known as the Andromeda Strain. Monsters human and inhuman, from fictional psycho killers to the...

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

"One is an alien critter who's heavy on action - just don't call him a raccoon! - and the other is a walking tree who's light on conversation. They're Rocket and Groot, the daring-est, darling-est duo in all the cosmos -...

Black & Decker 24 Weekend Projects For Pets Dog Houses, Cat Trees, Rabbit Hutches & More. —Griffin, David.

Critter condos & pleasure palaces for pets Most pet owners keep at least two different types of animals-dogs and cats are the most common pairings-and a surprisingly large number keep even more animals. Domestic birds; ...

Mi Dragón Y Yo —Biedrzycki, David.

New in Spanish, a sweet and hilarious story for the youngster whose heart is set on a new pet. A dragon might not be the most conventional pet, but this boy is determined. He argues his case to Mom and Dad with wit and ...