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5 Results
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Sherlock Holmes

After finally catching serial killer and occult 'sorcerer' Lord Blackwood, legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson can close yet another successful case. After his execution, Blackwood mysteriously ...

What if? classic : the complete collection. Volume 2

Classic tales of boundless imagination from the Marvel Multiverse! Uatu the Watcher asks some of the biggest "What if?" questions of all - beginning with: What if Conan the Barbarian walked the Earth today?! Join Sgt. Fu...

From nothing, something

"Profiles creative thinkers across a variety of disciplines and finds common methods, habits and neuroses that lead to breakthrough ideas. This is a thoughtful, intimate, often funny look at the creative process - strai...

The Victorian Mystery Megapack 27 Classic Mystery Tales. —collins, Wilkie.

The theme of this Megapack is classic mystery and crime fiction from the Victorian era. We have taken the liberty of extending the qualifying publication dates to the end of World War I, since that event marked more of a...