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Away from her loin d'elle

Married for 50 years, Grant and Fiona lead a comfortable life full of tenderness and humour. But the serenity is interrupted by Fiona's increasingly evident memory loss. As Fiona's lapses become more obvious and dramat...


A bottom-shelf bar band gets a second shot at the big time when they're transformed into vampires and start to develop a loyal following. Joey (Rob Stefaniuk) fronts The Winners, a go-nowhere rock group accustomed to pla...

33 great cities of Europe

Travel with acclaimed filmmaker Marlin Darrah, as he visits Europe's most beloved cities and regions. Darrah captures the cultures, histories, and architectures of the world's most traveled continent. Shot entirely in HD...

Away from her

Fiona and Grant are an Ontario couple who have been married for over 40 years. During the twilight of their years, Grant is forced to face the fact that Fiona's "forgetfulness" actually is Alzheimer's. After Fiona wander...

Enter the dragon

A master martial artist is sent by British intelligence to the island fortress of a criminal warlord, whose martial arts academy also serves as a front for opium-smuggling and prostitution rings.

ללכת על מים Walk on water

While on assignment in Berlin, a homophobic Israeli intelligence agent is tasked with offing a Nazi war criminal. However, he has a crisis of consciousness after he befriends a target's gay grandson.

4 movie collection Hollywood hits.

The Return of the Vampire: Bela Lugosi rises from the crypt in this blood-curdling classic.

The postman Il postino

A shy postman gets help from the exiled poet Pablo Neruda to win the heart of the most beautiful woman on the isle of Capri. Includes ten love poems by Neruda.

Enter the dragon
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Recruited by an intelligence agency, martial arts student Lee participates in a brutal tournament at a remote island fortress in an attempt to gather enough evidence to convict the international drug-trafficker responsib...

Fetching Cody

Streetwise Art Frankel is desperate to save luminous runaway Cody Wesson from her apparent overdose and seeks out the one person who can help his homeless friend Harvey. Frantic Art borrows Harvey's bizarre 'time machine...

Enter the dragon

To avenge the death of his sister, Lee infiltrates the island fortress of a criminal warlord and enters a brutal martial-arts tournament.

The trip to Italy
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Once again two comedy buddies/rivals take a culinary road trip, retracing the steps of the Romantic poets' grand tour of Italy and indulging in some sparkling banter and impersonation-offs. The two enjoy mouthwatering me...

The last legion

In 460 A.D. Aurelius Antonius finds himself recalled to Rome and is assigned the Commander of new Caesar, Romulus Augustus' retinue of personal bodyguards. Romulus is destined to be crowned the last emperor of Rome. His ...

Kamoteng kahoy

Based on a true story, twenty-one pupils die and almost a hundred were hospitalized after eating cassava cakes sold by an old woman, who inadvertently may have used pesticide in her ingredients. The film follows a town's...

Around the world in 80 anthems

Narrated by Daymond John, this film follows Guinness World Record-setting 11 year old Capri Everitt and her family through 80 countries as she sings the national anthem in each countrys national language to raise money f...

I am battle comic supporting our troops one laugh at a time

Follows a group of comedians on a mission to provide laughter for U.S troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Iraq. Gripping insights about the highs and lows facing the men and women in the military are ba...


Maury Dann, a country singer on tour, liberally indulges in drugs, alcohol, and sexual relations with willing women. But when the angry boyfriend of a woman with whom he's had a liaison spots Maury, suddenly he has a big...

All the streets are silent : the convergence of hip hop and skateboarding (1987-1997)

In the late '80s and early '90s, the streets of downtown Manhattan were the site of a collision between two vibrant subcultures: skateboarding and hip-hop. Narrated by Zoo York co-founder Eli Gesner with an original scor...