24 Results
24 Results
The life cycle of a frog —Kalman, Bobbie.

Describes how frogs develop from eggs to tadpoles to froglets to adult frogs.

Golf in action —Sotzek, Hannelore, 1970-

This book introduces the techniques, equipment, rules, and safety requirements for golf.

The woodworkers —Kalman, Bobbie.

Discusses the importance of wood in colonial times, describing how trees were cut down and made into lumber and the training of apprentice carpenters, cabinetmakers, coopers, and wheelwrights.

The sun —Walker, Niki, 1972-

Describes the characteristics of the Sun, covering such topics as its creation and physical make-up as well as its effects on Earth.

Martial arts in action —Levigne, Heather, 1974-

This book introduces various martial arts styles, including karate, judo, tae kwon do, kung fu, and aikido.

Figure skating in action —Calder, Kate, 1974-

This book introduces the techniques and equipment of figure skating, as well as ice dancing, pair skating, and synchronized skating.

Wrestling in action —Crossingham, John, 1974-

Offers a brief introduction to the history, techniques, equipment, and rules of wrestling, a sport that began thousands of years ago and was part of the first Olympic games.

In-line skating in action —Crossingham, John, 1974-

Discusses basic movements and techniques of in-line skating, recreational and competitive skating, safety tips, and more.

Track events in action —Crossingham, John, 1974-

Describes the essentials of track events, including training safely, staying strong, sprints, and much more.

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