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Wonder Woman saves the trees! —Webster, Christy, author.

Poison Ivy wants to stop anyone who would dare destroy her beloved forest. Luckily, Wonder Woman is there to teach her that working together to help gets greener results than fighting. This Step 2 leveled reader with an ...

PJ Masks. Wheels of a hero! —Nakamura, May, adaptor.

"It's night in the city and someone has stolen all of the PJ Masks vehicles! Will Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette be able to find them?"

This is Shang-Chi —Manning, Matthew K., author.

"Discover how Shang-Chi goes from an incredible martial artist to the ultimate hero!"-- Provided by publisher.

Super hero hiccups —Behling, Steve, author.

"Spin, who prides himself on his stealth, gets discouraged when his relentless hiccups keep the team from stopping an evil villain. He needs help getting his confidence back-that's what super friends are for! This levele...

This is Ms. Marvel —Juhlin, Emeli, author.

"The Marvel World of Reading line of early readers is designed to offer reluctant readers books that they will want to read by featuring characters they love. The series is broken into three levels that invoke the rigoro...

The sinister substitute —Chhibber, Preeti, author.

Kamala, Doreen, and Miles are back at Avengers Assembly for a new semester! When Captain Marvel announces she's adding staff to the school, the students aren't sure who could possibly join--but it looks like Cap went abo...

PJ Masks save the school! —Lauria, Lisa, author.

"The school supplies have gone missing, and because of Romeo's wacky invention, Catboy and Gekko now have Owlette's powers. But Owlette doesn't want to share her powers. Will the PJ Masks be able to work together and sav...

Batman and the morphing movie star —Steele, Michael Anthony, author.

Supervillain Clayface tries to stage a comeback as a movie star, but when Batman and his sidekick, Batwing, link him to a series of bank robberies, it is time for action.

Metropolis monkey trouble —Korté, Steven, author.

"A chunk of Kryptonite has turned Superman into a wild animal! He's on the streets and looking to make monkey trouble. Can Beppo the Super-Monkey stop him from making Metropolis his playground?"-- Provided by publisher.

Coast City carnival chaos —Korté, Steven, author.

"It's B'dg's day off, but heroes (and villains) never take a break. When a Red Lantern cat attacks the super-squirrel's favorite carnival, the pint-sized super hero and his power ring show up to save the day"-- Provided ...

Orientation —Chhibber, Preeti, author.

Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, Doreen Green, America Chavez, and other young Marvel heroes join forces to defeat ... the academic decathlon? Welcome to the Avengers Institute!

Diana and the Underworld odyssey —Saeed, Aisha, author.

After Diana thwarts a stunning attempt to defeat the Amazons and Themyscira for good, she has finally been granted permission to start training as a warrior! Except, the goddess Artemis brings news that children all over...

Horse show heist —Korté, Steven, author.

Supergirl and her Super-Horse enter a horse show as Kara and Comet, but when thieves show up the pair must use their super powers to save the day.

Supergirl and the man of metal —author. Sutton, Laurie S. 1953-

Can the Girl of Steel keep a dangerous shipment of Kryptonite out of the clutches of the superpowered cyborg Metallo and save Metropolis from destruction at the same time?

Pizazz vs. the new kid —Henn, Sophy, author, illustrator.

There's a new kid at Pizazz's school ... a new super kid. A super competitive, super skilled, super popular superhero. At first, Pizazz hopes Jett being in her class will mean the Populars will have someone new to pick o...

Robin Robin to the rescue —Korté, Steven, author.

"The Penguin, the Joker, and Catwoman are causing trouble in Gotham City at the same time! Robin Robin and the Boy Wonder swing into action. Will they be able to rescue the zoo's penguins, return stolen jewelry, and stop...

The vanished —Stone, Nic, author.

With the heart-shaped herb thriving, a group of Wakanda's finest engineers working on expanding her dome technology, and the borders more fortified than ever, Princess Shuri can finally focus on what matters most: her tr...

Batgirl and the Queen of Green —author. Sutton, Laurie S. 1953-

"Poison Ivy wants to protect the plants in Gotham City Park from climate change. Although that may sound like a noble plan, her solution actually seals off the entire park inside a giant, plant-based dome! With helpless ...

The terrible twos —Snider, Brandon T., author.

Batman and his crime-fighting cousin Batwoman are in double trouble! The supervillain Two-Face is on a crime spree in Gotham City. Who will win when the superheroes face off against this two-bit crook? Find out in this a...

The legends of forever —Lyga, Barry, author.

"The Flash and his friends have defeated Anti-Matter Man, but the race to save the multiverse is far from over. As the sinister schemer behind Anti-Matter Man's release looms large at the end of Time itself, Barry seeks ...

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