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78 Results
Tales from the hood —Buckley, Michael. 1969-

Mr. Canis is placed on trial for past crimes and it's up to Sabrina and Daphne to find evidence to save Canis--and their investigation may reveal more than they hoped.

Dot & Jabber and the big bug mystery —Walsh, Ellen Stoll.

Dot and Jabber, mouse detectives, try to solve the mystery of the disappearing insects.

Cam Jansen and the secret service mystery —Adler, David A.

Cam and her friend Danny help solve the mystery of a stolen pearl necklace when the governor comes to visit their school for the dedication of the new library.

Franklin the detective —Jennings, Sharon.

After recovering his mom's purse, Franklin decides to put his detective skills to work for his friends.

A weird case of super-goo —Oppel, Kenneth, 1967-

"The Barnes family has a visitor, kooky Aunt Lillian, and she's brought all her herbs and spices along to make a brand-new wrinkle cream. Giles can't believe the blue super-goo will do anything, but after his aunt puts i...

The mystery of the mad science teacher —Chan, Marty.

When Trina's bicycle is stolen, Marty and Remi gear up to solve the case and are stunned when the evidence leads them to the doorstep of their new elementary school teacher, Mr. E.

Andi unexpected : an Andi Boggs novel —Flower, Amanda.

"After the sudden death of their parents in the jungles of Central America, twelve-year-old science geek Andora 'Andi' Boggs and her diva teenaged sister, Bethany, move to rural Killdeer, Ohio to live with their eccentri...

The old-fashioned mystery —Keene, Carolyn.

Its time for the Holiday Streetwalk in River Heights. Bess Marvin is the lucky child who will present Mr. and Mrs. Claus with the key to River Heights. There will be reporters and TV cameras, but Bess's chance to be a st...

The case of the sundae surprise —Metz, Melinda.

Mary-Kate and Ashley invent a new ice cream flavor for a contest at the ice cream store but somebody steals their top secret recipe.

Mountain top mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

Former orphans Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny encounter a dangerous rockslide, a mountain cave and a secret treasure.

Scooby-Doo! and the deep-sea diver —Gelsey, James.

The dog detective and his friends look for a treasure map on board an old clipper ship. But there is a ghost after that map, too! Scooby and the gang are onboard an old-fashioned clipper ship where the captain has just i...

A creepy case of vampires —Oppel, Kenneth, 1967-

"Giles and Kevin are sure they see a vampire, and take matters into their own hands. The celebrated author is back with another rollicking adventure in this final book in the series" Cf. Our choice, 2003.

Ottoline and the yellow cat —Riddell, Chris.

When a string of daring burglaries take place in Big City and precious lapdogs are disappearing all over town, Ottoline Brown, Mistress of Disguise, and her best friend, Mr. Munroe, go undercover to expose an ingenious s...

The mystery of the conjured man —Mack, Tracy.

The ragtag group of orphan boys known as the Baker Street Irregulars faces shady characters and seemingly real ghosts when they assist the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, in investigating the mysterious death of Greta...

Adventure in Istanbul —Taylor, Cora.

Jennifer discovers a magic spell that allows her to become invisible. She, her twin sister, Maggie, and their friend, Sam, travel on a cruise to Greece to search for the twins' father. He is a pilot who disappeared in th...

The mystery of the phantom ship —Williams, Laura E.

Twins Jen and Zeke of Mystic, Maine must uncover the secrets behind a vanishing "phantom ship" before Zeke's sailing race.

Fiendish deeds —Bracegirdle, P. J.

As eleven-year-old Joy Wells, proud resident of the nearly-abandoned town of Spooking, tries to stop construction of a water park in a bog she believes is home to a monster and the setting of her favorite horror story, a...

The golden boy —Wood, Beverley, 1954-

Tomi is angry that his dad remarried so he runs away from home. He meets a bull terrier named Patsy Ann and mysteriously gets transported back in time to 1939 Juneau, Alaska. Will Tomi be able to find his way home?

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