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347 Results
Time for bed, Fred! —Ismail, Yasmeen, author, artist.

A child has a very difficult time getting Fred, the dog, to bed.

George's new dinosaur —Hedges, Zöe, author.

George loves playing with his favourite toy, Mr Dinosaur. But when he breaks one day, Mummy and Daddy Pig take him to buy a new one. The amazing new Dino-Roar walks, talks and sings too, but will he be as good a toy as M...

Treehouse rescue! —Potter, Beatrix, 1866-1943.

"Mean Mr. Todd knows all of the rabbits' best hiding places, so Peter, Benjamin, and Lily need to find a new one. The problem is that the perfect hideout--a secret treehouse--is right in the middle of Squirrel Camp. And ...

Hudson hates school —Hudson, Ella.

Hudson, who loves to make things but hates going to school, fails a spelling test and meets with a special teacher, who discovers Hudson has a very different way of learning things.

My daddy is a silly monkey —Hofmeyr, Dianne, author.

My daddy is a great big bear. He gets out of bed and grumbles and grouches, scratches and yawns! This charming picture book for younger children portrays a day in the life of a dad and daughter in a single-parent home, a...

The smartest giant in town —Donaldson, Julia.

George the giant, known for wearing his old patched clothes, finally buys new ones, but then gives them away to some needy animals.

The dinosaur who lost her voice —Ballard, Julie, author.

Dinosaur Milly Jo has a beautiful singing voice, but when a storm rages and brings down a tree, it falls on top of Milly and she loses her lovely voice! But can she find a new way to shine with the help of her friends?

Love Monster & the perfect present —Bright, Rachel, author.

It's Present Day in Cutesville, and Love Monster is on the lookout for something shiny for someone wonderful. But wonderful, shinyful things can be VERY expensive...What is a Love Monster to do? A heart-warming remember-...

Arthur Garber, the Harbor Barber —Frank, Joe, 1982- author, illustrator.
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With his perfectly coifed pompadour, our protagonist, Arthur Garber, must set aside providing cuts for tourists and naval crews when he is met with the challenge of his life: A castaway with wild hair floats ashore hopin...

Elmer and the tune —McKee, David, author, artist.

When Rose meets Elmer she's humming a tune, a tune she just can't get out of her head. When she leaves, Elmer realizes he can't get the tune out of head either and as he crosses the jungle he can see the infectious tune ...

Owl howl —Friester, Paul, author.

"Who is that in the forest, howling and howling? A wolf? No. It's a little owl. Everyone in the neighborhood -- from hedgehog to crow to squirrel to mole to stag beetle -- tries to comfort the little owl. They rock her i...

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