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287 Results
Schooled —Korman, Gordon.

Homeschooled by his hippie grandmother, Capricorn (Cap) Anderson has never watched television, tasted a pizza, or even heard of a wedgie. But when his grandmother lands in the hospital, Cap is forced to move in with a gu...

Playhouse —Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

Rene asks her father and mother to build her a playhouse, a play barn, a play cow, and more, until finally her parents decide that they'd like to have a play Rene.

The death of my country : the plains of Abraham diary of Geneviève Aubuchon —Trottier, Maxine.

In May 1759, Abenaki Indian Geneviève Aubuchon must choose between remaining with her friends in Québec or retreating to the Abenaki mission at St. Francis so that she may be safe. Includes historical note.

The moccasins —Einarson, Earl, 1962-

The story of a young aboriginal foster child who is given a special gift of moccasins by his foster mother. Her gift of warmth and thoughtfulness helps her young foster child by encouraging self-esteem, acceptance and lo...

The sweetest one of all —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Each barnyard animal hopes for a baby of their own and after they have one they tell their offspring how special they are.

Finders keepers for Franklin —Bourgeois, Paulette.

"Franklin finds a camera and is looking forward to taking pictures of his friends! However, Franklin faces a moral dilemma when he realizes that he should return the camera" Cf. Our choice, 1998-1999.

No safe harbour : the Halifax explosion diary of Charlotte Blackburn —Lawson, Julie, 1947-

Twelve year old Charlotte Blackburn receives a diary from her brother serving overseas in France during World War One and uses it to record the events leading up to and following the Halifax Explosion of December 6, 1917...

Who's in Maxine's tree? —Léger, Diane Carmel, 1957-

Maxine and her family and friends travel down the Walbran Valley trail in the rainforest on the west coast of Vancouver Island and Maxine goes to see if the Sitka spruce that she loves is still there. She hears noises wi...

The prairie dogs —Goertzen, Glenda.

Prince Pierrot Rudolphe IV used to live the life of a pampered star, travelling across the country in a silver coach. Now the champion agility dog lives the life of an abandoned stray, travelling on four paws through the...

I'm so embarrassed! —Munsch, Robert N., 1945- author.

Andrew's mom is always embarrassing him. When they go to the mall to buy new shoes, she does it again and again. But this time, Andrew and his friend Taylor-Jae have a plan.

Mechanimals —Tougas, Chris.

When a tornado blows away all the animals on the farm and leaves behind a mountain of scrap metal, the farmer comes up with an inspired idea.

Friends to the rescue —Higgs, Scott.

Best friends Haley and Bix want to save endangered animals, and they start the rescue from their neighbourhood.

Secret of the dance —Spalding, Andrea.

In 1935, an eight-year-old boy's family holds a forbidden potlatch in faraway Kingcome Inlet.

Art's supplies —Tougas, Chris.

Art's supplies come to life in the studio, creating mayhem, magic, and art.

Earth to Audrey —Hughes, Susan, 1960-

When Audrey comes to stay with her father for the summer a neighbourhood boy is convinced she is an alien but makes friends with her and learns a new way of looking at things.

Dancing through the snow —Little, Jean, 1932-2020

Foster child Min Randall's life is not easy as she has to deal with a number of foster parents and Children's Aid, but things take a turn for the better when she finds an injured dog.

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