6 Results
6 Results
Rocky III

Rocky is living the high-life and only fights easy opponents. That is until he is defeated by the arrogant Clubber Lang. With the help of his former opponent, Appolo Creed, he fights to win his belt back.

Kid Galahad

Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart play rival fight promoters and Bette Davis is the moll who has eyes for brawling bellhop Wayne Morris.

Raging Bull

Jake La Motta is a boxer whose psychological and sexual complexities erupt into violence both in and out of the ring. His brother Joey falls prey to Jake's mounting paranoia and jealousy, while fifteen-year-old Vickie, b...

Somebody up there likes me

Inspiring tale about Rocky Graziano's rise from poverty and rage to the middleweight title.

Rocky. 2

Rocky must cope with the realities of his success, wealth and the responsibilities of marriage, but his main focus is on his second shot at the boxing title against Apollo Creed.

Facing Ali

Ten of boxing's finest fighters tell what it was like to battle Muhammad Ali, the man many consider to be the best boxer ever. Ali's incomparable journey is recounted through the eyes of those who stepped through the rop...