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76 Results
A tiger called Tomás —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013, author.

After moving, Thomas is reluctant to make new friends until he experiences a special night of trick-or-treating.

In my garden —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013, author.

A young girl describes what she loves most in her garden during each season.

When the wind stops —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

A mother explains to her son that in nature an end is also a beginning as day gives way to night, winter ends and spring begins, and, after it stops falling, rain makes clouds for other storms.

The hating book —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

A little girl knew her friend hated her but she didn't know why until she finally got up courage to ask why they were being so rotten to each other.

Seasons : a book of poems —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

Written for beginning readers, the highlights and emotions of a child's year are evoked.

William's doll —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

William's father gives him a basketball and a train but these do not make him want a doll less.

If it weren't for you —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

An older sister imagines the advantages of not having her younger sister around, but then thinks of one disadvantage.

Friendship stories you can share.

Excerpts from Days with Frog and Toad; Mr. Putter and Tabby pour the tea; The Hating Book; George and Martha back in town; Jake and the copycats

Wake up and goodnight —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

Records, in rhymed text and illustrations, the experiences of getting up in the morning and going to bed at night.

I like to be little —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

A little girl, answering her mother's question about why she likes to be little, describes some of the special pleasures of being a child.

Who is Ben? —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

On a moonless, starless night, a young boy feels at one with the darkness, thinking about where he came from before he was born and where he will go after he dies.

My friend John —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

John's best friend tells everything he knows about John, the secrets they share, their likes and dislikes, and the fun they have as friends.

If you listen —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

A mother reassures her little girl there is a way to know that someone far away loves you.

I know a lady —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

Sally describes a loving and lovable old lady in her neighborhood who grows flowers, waves to children when they pass her house, and bakes cookies for them at Christmas.

A rose, a bridge, and a wild black horse —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

A small boy enumerates for his sister the marvelous things he will do for her when he is grown up, such as bringing her coral from the bottom of the sea and building her the biggest bridge in the world.

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