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20 Results
Жил-Был Фип Zhil-Byl Fip —Заходер, Борис, 1918-2000, author. —Zakhoder, Boris, 1918-2000, author.

"A chick hatches. It is all alone. It meets other animals. Not everything that sings or flies is a bird ..."--Cataloger's summary.

How a piglet crashed the Christmas party —Zakhoder, Boris, 1918-2000.

A piglet disguises himself to attend the school children's Christmas party.

Винни - Пух и все - все - все Vinni-Pukh i vse-vse-vse : raznye raznosti —Милн А., author. —Zakhoder, Boris, 1918-2000.

In the collection of Boris Zakhoder's works included selected poems, translations and retellings, including "Winnie the Pooh and All-All-All" and "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland."

Star bright. —Zakhoder, Boris, 1918-2000.

Protected by the flowers who loved her, Star Bright didn't know she was ugly, or even that she was a toad, until an evil butterfly arrived to destroy her.