10 Results
10 Results
Dog loves fairy tales —Yates, Louise.

Dog loves books, and Dog especially loves books with fairy tales in them. This book of fairy tales has an unlucky imp inside and the dog must help his new friend by going deep into the Enchanted Forest, full of familiar ...

A small surprise —Yates, Louise.

A little rabbit, too small even to wipe his own nose, is just the right size to do one very special thing.

Dog loves books —Yates, Louise.

Dog loves books so much that he decides to open a book store.

Toad and I —Yates, Louise, author, illustrator.

Toad lives in a tree in Kitty's garden - a very special tree with limitless rooms and countless adventures to be had. Prepare to enter a zany world full of new experiences, witty characters, and hilarious exploits...

Dog loves drawing —Yates, Louise.

Dog loves drawing so much that he draws his very own adventure.

Dog loves counting —Yates, Louise.

"Dog loves his books so much that he can't put them down long enough to go to bed! His friends help him count his way to sleep"-- Cover.

Dog Loves Counting —Yates, Louise.

Dog can't go to sleep. He loves books so much that he just can't stop reading. Dog tries counting sheep, but it's not working--perhaps there are some other creatures he can count? Soon Dog is off on an adventure, finding...

Dog Loves Books —Yates, Louise.

A picture-book treat for the youngest dog lovers. Dog loves books SO much he opens his very own bookstore. At first he's short of customers. But that's all right, because when Dog is surrounded by books, he is never sh...