15 Results
15 Results
Step by step —Wolkstein, Diane.

A little ant and her friend enjoy a day together, dining on the nectar of a yellow flower, sailing on a leaf, and dancing in the rain.

Sun Mother wakes the world : an Australian creation story —Wolkstein, Diane.

An Aboriginal creation story in which the Sun slowly brings life to the Earth.

The legend of Sleepy Hollow —Wolkstein, Diane, author.

A superstitious schoolmaster, in love with a wealthy farmer's daughter, has a terrifying encounter with a headless horseman.

The glass mountain —Wolkstein, Diane.

A king builds a glass mountain which any man who wants to marry his daughter must climb, but when Princess Raina tries to help one suitor climb it, she falls through a deep crack and is trapped in a deep cave.

Little Mouse's painting —Wolkstein, Diane.

Little Mouse creates a painting which looks like three different things to her three friends, all of whom find themselves in it.

Oom razoom, or, Go I know not where, bring back I know not what : a Russian tale —Wolkstein, Diane.

A retelling of an old Russian tale of Alexis the king's archer, his beautiful and magical wife Olga, and their adventures.

The day Ocean came to visit —Wolkstein, Diane.

After hearing Ocean's stories, Sun invites Ocean to the house he shares with his wife, Moon, but his visitor proves to be more than his house can hold.

The Red Lion : a tale of ancient Persia —Wolkstein, Diane.

Before he can be crowned King of Persia, Azgid must prove his courage by fighting the Red Lion.

The magic orange tree, and other Haitian folk tales —Wolkstein, Diane.

A collection of folktales gathered by the author in Haiti with comments on Haitian folklore.

The magic wings : a tale from China —Wolkstein, Diane.

A strange event occurs across the land when a little Chinese goose girl sprinkles her shoulders with water and begins to wave her arms, believing that she will sprout wings, fly, and enjoy all the beautiful flowers of sp...