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52 Results
Myths, legends & sacred stories : a visual encyclopedia —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955- author.

From lightning-wielding Zeus to Thor, god of thunder, heroes, gods, and monsters are brought to life in these retellings of myths from around the world. In addition to offering the retellings themselves, 'Myths and Legen...

The history book

"The History Book is a fascinating journey through the most significant events in history and the big ideas behind each one, from the dawn of civilization to the lightning-paced culture of today. One hundred crystal-clea...

First history encyclopedia —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955- author.

A history of the world covers such topics as ancient Mesopotamia, world religions, Medieval Europe, the slave trade, the American Civil War, and the space race.

The boys' guide to growing up —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955- author.

A friendly and reassuring guide for boys as they approach puberty, explaining the changes that will happen to their bodies as they grow up and how these changes might make them feel. Covering everything from physical cha...

Firefly transportation encyclopedia : a comprehensive look at the world of transportation —Green, Oliver, author.

"The book is a fully illustrated encyclopedia of transportation for the young reader. Topics covered include land, water, air, and space transportation systems and vehicles, as well as the history of transportation."-- P...

Islam —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955- author.

Explore the world's fastest-growing religion - from the Prophet Muhammad to Ramadan and the Qu'ran. Learn about traditional Islamic dress, feasts, and Islam's rich tradition of design. 'DK Eyewitness: Islam' is the perfe...

Islam —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955-

Discover the faith, culture, and history that have shaped the modern Islamic world.

Amazing buildings —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955-

Provides the reader with glimpses inside twenty-one famous buildings from around the world.

Building —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955-

Examines the history of how buildings are made.

Christianity —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955-

Explore the faith of Christianity -- from its origins to its role in the 21st century.

LEGO architecture —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955- author.

An illustrated and annotated guide takes a look at the artists, builders, and inspiration behind the LEGO Architecture series, exploring the creative process and how the artists translated iconic buildings into LEGO sets...

Early humans

Text and photographs present a description of early humans, their origins, their tools and weapons, how they hunted and foraged for food, and the role of family life, money, religion, and magic.

Buddhism —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955-

An exciting and informative guide to Buddhist beliefs, practices, and culture.

Super structures —Wilkinson, Philip, 1955-

Describes, in text and illustrations, the technological challenges involved in the design and construction of skyscrapers, oil rigs, nuclear reactors, and other complicated structures.

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