132 Results
132 Results
I love school! —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

On his first visit to school, Noodles the dog feels scared until he meets a nice teacher and makes new friends.

Pigs in a pickle —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

In rhyming text, follows the adventures--and misadventures--of three little pigs as they play on this wonderful day, never giving up no matter what goes wrong.

Come rhyme with me! —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

A rhyming animal alphabet, with flaps to lift to see how each rhyme is completed.

I love snow! —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

A dog finds lots of fun things to do in the snow.

There's a mouse in the house! —Lewison, Wendy Cheyette.

Simple rhyming text tells the story of a mouse in the house.

Don't cut my hair! —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

A little dog is afraid to get a haircut, but finds that he looks "cool" with short hair.

Oink! moo! how do you do? —Maccarone, Grace.

A group of familiar animals comes together to eat the newly harvested apples and corn until the farmer shoos them away.

Buzz said the bee —Lewison, Wendy Cheyette.

As one animal sits on another in an accumulating progression, the reader learns the sounds each animal makes.

I can help! —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

Although he makes a mess when he tries to help, Puppy doesn't give up.

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