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The importance of being earnest

Algernon is a gentlemen from a wealthy family. Algernon's close friend Jack, has a ward, Cecily. Both Algernon and Jack have created alter egos to make life more interesting. Algernon arrives for a weekend visit in the c...

The importance of being earnest and other plays —Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900, author.

Wilde was both a glittering wordsmith and a social outsider. His drama emerges out of these two perhaps contradictory identities, combining epigrammatic brilliance and shrewd social observation.

An ideal husband

Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful government minister, well-off and with a loving wife. All this is threatened when Mrs. Chieveley appears in London with damning evidence of a past misdeed. Sir Robert turns for help to...

The selfish giant

A contemporary fable about two scrappy 13-year-old working-class friends in the UK who seek fortune by getting involved with a local scrap dealer and criminal, leading to tragic consequences.

The Canterville ghost —Trewin, Anna.
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An American family buy Canterville Hall - a house with a ghost. But the ghost is not happy because it cannot frighten the family. Penguin Readers is an ELT graded reader series for learners of English as a foreign langua...

The picture of Dorian Gray —Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.

The handsome appearance of dissolute, young Dorian Gray remains unchanged while the features in his portrait become distorted as his degeneration progresses.

The picture of Dorian Gray and three stories —Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.

The enduringly eerie story of a naive and irresistible young man lured by decadent Lord Henry Wotton into a life of depravity. Though Dorian is steeped in sin, his face remains perfect, unlined as years pass while only h...

The picture of Dorian Gray —Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900, author.

"In this updated version of the Faust story, the tempter is Lord Henry Wotton, who lives selfishly for amoral pleasure; Dorian's good angel is the portrait painter Basil Hallward, whom Dorian murders. The book highlights...

The picture of Morty & Ray —Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 1941-

Inspired by a movie plot, Morty and Ray paint pictures of each other and then do mean things at school to see if their portraits will become ugly.

Complete fairy tales of Oscar Wilde —Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.

A collection of fairy tales written by Oscar Wilde for children and adults alike that reflect the times Wilde grew up in and the values that shaped his life.

The picture of Dorian Gray —Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.
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When Dorian Gray, a young man of rare beauty, is drawn into a life of decadence and lustful indulgence, he discovers that a painting begins to bear new marks for each of his sins, leaving him as youthful and attractive a...

The picture of Dorian Gray —Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.
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Dorian is a good-natured young man until he falls in with the immoral Lord Henry and discovers the power of his exceptional beauty. He sinks deep into a frivolous, glamorous world of selfish luxury, but he appears untouc...

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