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47 Results
The sloth who slowed us down —Wild, Margaret, 1948- author.

When young Amy brings a sloth home for a visit, her family, the speediest in town, learns how to slow down to talk, play, and laze.

Itsy-bitsy animals —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

A rhyming story about of all kinds of frolicking baby creatures.

My dearest dinosaur —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

A mother dinosaur speaks to her absent mate, describing how she and her newly hatched babies are staying alive while he hunts for a safer place for them all to live.

Puffling —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

As his affectionate parents nourish and protect him, a plucky young puffin impatiently waits--but not without some reservations--for the day when he is "strong enough and tall enough and brave enough" to leave his nest o...

Piglet and Mama —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

When Piglet cannot find her mother, all of the barnyard animals try to make her feel better, but Piglet wants nothing but Mama.

Hop, Little Hare! —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

Little Hare hasn't learned to hop but his grandpa isn't worried, and when Grandpa needs help, Little Hare does something so extraordinary he surprises them all.

Tom goes to kindergarten —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

When Tom, a young panda, goes to his very first day of kindergarten, his whole family stays and plays and wishes they could be in kindergarten too.

Piglet and Granny —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

While Piglet waits for her fun-loving granny to visit, she impresses the other farm animals with some of the skills Granny has taught her, such as balancing and turning somersaults.

Harry & Hopper —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

One day when Harry comes home from school, his faithful companion Hopper isn't there to greet him, in a touching story about the process of healing after losing a beloved pet.

The dream of the thylacine —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

This arresting and beautiful picture book from Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks pictures the Tasmanian tiger, wild in the wilderness, then shows the last known member of the species held captive in a zoo. It is a lament for ...

Piglet and Papa —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

When Piglet's beloved father chases her away after she plays too rough, all of the barnyard animals try to make her feel better, but Piglet is still afraid that her father no longer loves her.

The pocket dogs —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

Biff and Buff are two very small dogs who are happy to travel in Mr. Pocket's pockets, until Biff falls through a hole one day.

Big red hen and the little lost egg —Wild, Margaret, 1948-

Big Red Hen looks after everyone else's babies, but what she wants most of all is someone special of her own to love.

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