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8 Results
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When we got lost in Dreamland —Welford, Ross, author.

eThe landmark new novel from Ross Welford, one of the fastest-growing and most critically acclaimed middle grade authors in the UK, this funny, moving and brilliant sixth book cements his position as the most exciting st...

The dog who saved the world —Welford, Ross, author.

When eleven-year-old Georgie befriends an eccentric retired scientist, she becomes the test subject for a thrilling new experiment: a virtual-reality 3D version of the future. But then a deadly disease threatens the life...

The kid who came from space —Welford, Ross, author.

'The Kid Who Came From Space' is the stunning new story from the bestselling and award-winning author of 'Time Traveling with a Hamster', for anyone who loved the humour of 'Wall-E', the action of 'Star Wars' and the dee...

What not to do if you turn invisible —Welford, Ross, author.

When thirteen-year-old Ethel Leatherhead becomes invisible, her best friend, Boydy, helps keep her secret while she seeks a way to become visible again, keep herself safe, and solve the mystery of her birth.

Time travelling with a hamster —Welford, Ross, author.

Al Chaudhury has a chance to save his dad's life - but to do it he must travel to 1984. It also requires lies, theft, burglary, and setting his school on fire. All without losing his pet hamster, Alan Shearer ...

The 1,000-year-old boy —Welford, Ross, author.

Alve Einarsson has lived for a thousand years and is destined to live forever, but yearns to find a way to grow older, just like any other eleven-year-old boy.