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14 Results
Rooftop —Volponi, Paul.

Still reeling from seeing police shoot his unarmed cousin to death on the roof of a New York City housing project, seventeen-year-old Clay is dragged into the whirlwind of political manipulation that follows.

Crossing lines —Volponi, Paul.

High school senior Adonis struggles to do the right thing when his fellow football players escalate their bullying of a new classmate, Alan, who is transgendered.

Black and white —Volponi, Paul.

Two star high school basketball players, one black and one white, experience the justice system differently after committing a crime together and getting caught.

Rikers High —Volponi, Paul.

Arrested on a minor offense, a New York City teenager attends high school in the jail facility on Rikers Island, as he waits for his case to go to court.

Top prospect —Volponi, Paul, author.

"Travis, a pre-teen quarterback with big potential, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when the coach of Gainesville University football program offers him a scholarship before Travis even gets to high school"-- Provided...

Homestretch —Volponi, Paul.

Five months after losing his mother, seventeen-year-old Gas runs away from an abusive father and gets a job working at an Arkansas race track, surrounded by the illegal Mexican immigrants that he and his father blame for...

Rucker Park setup —Volponi, Paul.

While playing in a crucial basketball game on the very court where his best friend was murdered, Mackey tries to come to terms with his own part in that murder and decide whether to maintain his silence or tell J.R.'s fa...

Hurricane song —Volponi, Paul.

High school sophomore Miles Shaw goes to live with his father, a jazz musician, in New Orleans, and together they survive the horrors of Hurricane Katrina in the Superdome, learning about each other and growing closer th...

Hurricane song : a novel of New Orleans —Volponi, Paul.
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Even though they aren't getting along, Miles has been living with his musician father in New Orleans for two months. When Hurricane Katrina hits, they must set aside their differences and seek refuge in the crowded Super...

That's my team! : the history, science, and fun behind sports teams' names —Volponi, Paul, author.

Leading readers on a fast-paced journey through different parts of the United States and the world, Volponi reveals fascinating pieces of information on pop culture, history, science, literature, and a slew of other subj...

Top prospect —Volponi, Paul, author

Travis Gardner lives to play quarterback. He's a standout QB by the middle school, and he's prepared to put everything he has into the game. Then Gainesville University's head coach makes Travis a promise: Travis will ha...

Response —Volponi, Paul.

When an African American high school student is beaten with a baseball bat in a white neighborhood, three boys are charged with a hate crime.