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57 Results
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Volcanoes —Vogt, Gregory.

A study of how volcanoes develop and the effects of their eruptions on Earth. Also discusses famous volcanic eruptions.

Meteors and meteorites —Vogt, Gregory.

Describes what meteors and micrometeors are, and describes the different types of meteorites, including lunar and martian meteorites, and how meteorites form craters.

Saturn —Vogt, Gregory.

Presents information known about Saturn, its rings, and moons.

The Milky Way —Vogt, Gregory.

Discusses what the Milky Way is, how it was formed, and how astronomers study it.

Neptune —Vogt, Gregory.

Discusses the orbit, atmosphere, moons, surface features, exploration, and other aspects of the planet Saturn.

Mars —Vogt, Gregory.

Presents information on Mars, the reddish orange planet, and its exploration by the U.S. spacecraft, Mariner and Viking. Includes a glossary and "Mars Quick Facts."

Uranus —Vogt, Gregory.

Discusses the surface features, atmosphere, orbit, moons, rings, and exploration of the planet Uranus.

Asteroids —Vogt, Gregory.

Describes the formation, surface features, and exploration of asteroids, including the search for near-Earth asteroids.

Asteroids, comets, and meteors —Vogt, Gregory.

Presents information on the different types of celestial matter known as asteroids, comets, and meteors and on what scientists learned from the impact of a comet on the surface of Jupiter.

Jupiter —Vogt, Gregory.

Describes the planet Jupiter and its surface features, atmosphere, rotation and orbit, moons, and more.

Sun —Vogt, Gregory.

Discusses the rotation, interior, surface features, atmosphere, and exploration of the Sun, including solar wind and the Sun's place in the solar system.

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