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A girl called Echo. Volume 1, Pemmican Wars —Vermette, Katherena, 1977- author.
Graphic Novel
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"Echo Desjardins, a 13 year-old Métis girl, is struggling with her feelings of loneliness while attending a new school and living with a new foster family. Then an ordinary day in Mr. Bee's history class turns extraordi...

The girl and the wolf —Vermette, Katherena, 1977- author.

A young girl becomes lost in the woods after wandering too far away from her mother. Scared because she is lost, she encounters a large wolf who reminds her of her own ability to survive and find her mother again.

Amik loves school : a story of wisdom —Vermette, Katherena, 1977- author.

"Amik tells Moshoom about his wonderful school. Then his grandfather tells him about the residential school he went to, so different from Amik's school, so Amik has an idea ... " -- page [4] of cover.

Kode's question : a story of respect —Vermette, Katherena, 1977-

"Kode knows many things, but she doesn't know one thing: what does respect mean? Who will help her figure out the answer?"

River woman —Vermette, Katherena, 1977- author.

"Governor General's Award-winning M{acute}etis poet and acclaimed novelist Katherena Vermette's second work of poetry, river woman, examines and celebrates love as postcolonial action. Here love is defined as a force of ...

Singing sisters : a story of humility —Vermette, Katherena, 1977-

"Ma'iingan knows she is a very good singer. Conflict erupts when her little sisters wants to sing just like her"--Back cover.

The just right gift : a story of love —Vermette, Katherena, 1977-

"Migizi loves his Gookum. Can he find the perfect gift to show her how much?"--Back cover.

The first day : a story of courage —Vermette, Katherena, 1977-

"Makwa has to go to a new school-- and he doesn't want to. How will he face his first day?"--Back cover.

Perception: a photo series —Adams, K. C., 1971-

"Tired of reading negative and disparaging remarks directed at Indigenous people in Winnipeg in the press and on social media, artist KC Adams created a photo series that presented another perspective. Called "Perception...

An anthology of Indigenous literatures in English : voices from Canada

"Over twenty years after the publication of its groundbreaking first edition, An Anthology of Indigenous Literatures in English continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of Indigenous literatures within Canada...

Amik aime l'école : une histoire sur la sagesse —Vermette, Katherena, 1977-

Amik raconte à Moshoom pourquoi il aime tant sa merveilleuse école. Puis c'est au tour de son grandpère de lui décrire le pensionnat autochtone qu'il a fréquenté, si différent de l'école d'Amik. C'est alors qu'Am...

Impact : colonialism in Canada

A collection of fiction, poetry, essays and creative non-fiction by over 20 Indigenous Canadians, focusing on the effects of colonialism in Canada from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

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