10 Results
10 Results
Looking at-- Triceratops : a dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period —Vaughan, Jenny, 1947-

Describes the physical characteristics and probable behavior of this three-horned plant-eating dinosaur.

Backyard bugs —Vaughan, Jenny, 1947-

Learn about the insects that live around your home.

Christmas foods —Vaughan, Jenny, 1947-

Includes easy-to-prepare Christmas recipes from different cultures around the world.

Ants —Vaughan, Jenny, 1947-

Examines the anatomy, behavior, and colony life of ants, as well as unusual facts about them and their nests.

Who discovered DNA? —Vaughan, Jenny, 1947-

"Looking at some of the major inventions and discoveries shaping our world today, Breakthroughs in Science profiles the research leading up to the discovery (not just profiles of the one or two key "players"). Each book ...

Causes and campaigns —Vaughan, Jenny, 1947-

"Discusses the media treatment of social campaigns worldwide, including media coverage of causes such as natural disasters, AIDS, global warming, and how the media can affect these campaigns"--Provided by publisher.

Juvenile crime —Vaughan, Jenny, 1947-

"Describes the crimes juveniles commit, the attitudes and changes in the juvenile court system, and the ways that police and other social services deal with juvenile offenders"--Provided by publisher.