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19 Results
Dora goes to school —Valdes, Leslie.

Dora and Boots try to help their teacher who has gotten a flat tire on her bike on the way to school.

Dora the explorer. Egg hunt

Egg hunt: Dora and Boots need your help to find the Big Yellow Egg with a big prize inside. El día las madres: Dora and her friends are having a Mother's Day party! Dora, la música: Help Dora and her friends find the m...

Dora and Diego's adventures!.

Three stories featuring Dora and her cousin, Diego.

Super babies! —Inches, Alison.

Dora and her twin brother and sister set out to get the babies' baby food back after Swiper takes it.

Castaways! —Inches, Alison.

Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone pretend that they are castaways building a hut on an island. Austin also pretends he is a castaway. He is too shy to say "Ahoy" to the others but finds ways to help them with their hut.

Dora & Diego's treasure hunt —Valdes, Leslie.

Follows Dora, her cousin Diego, Boots the monkey, and the rest of her friends as they embark on a voyage to Treasure Island, where the Pirate Piggies have shanghaied a chest full of costumes for Dora's pirate play.

Meet Diego! —Valdes, Leslie.

Dora and her cousin, Diego, set out to rescue Baby Jaguar before the animal plunges over a waterfall.

Dora's pirate adventure —Valdes, Leslie.

When Dora and her friends put on a pirate play the Pirate Piggies steal their costume chest.

Dora's Christmas parade —Valdes, Leslie.

It's Christmastime, and Dora and Boots are celebrating Christmas with their families. Dora's grandma is unable to come because she is not feeling well, so Dora and Boots use their Christmas presents, musical instruments,...

Happy Mother's Day, Mami! —Valdes, Leslie.

Dora has decided to make a special cake for her mami, and while she is gathering all the ingredients she finds out what her friends made for their mommies.

Dora goes to school = Dora va a la escuela —Valdes, Leslie, author.

On their first day of school Dora and Boots come to the rescue when their teacher's bike gets a flat tire.