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6 Results
Dino —Vaisberg, Diego, author.

Meet Dino, a pet unlike any other. Having a dinosaur in the house can be tricky. He makes a mess wherever he stomps, eats everything, and scares away the mail carrier. Surely one pet dinosaur is more than enough.

Garbage and recycling —Morgan, Sally, 1957- author.

This book is packed with scientific facts, experiments, and activities linked to garbage and recycling, and making our environment a cleaner, safer place. It brings a lively, hands-on approach to practical science experi...

101 games to play before you grow up : exciting and fun games to play anywhere —Rhatigan, Joe, author.

Playing games is the best part of growing up. Provides instructions and rules for classic indoor and outdoor children's games.

Energy and power —Morgan, Sally, 1957- author.

"This lively series is packed with activities and experiments to provide a practical, hands-on approach to science. In Energy and Power discover how to ... build a steam turbine, trap the energy of the sun, watch the win...

Dinosaurs —Stewart, David, author.

"Books with X-Ray Vision: Dinosaurs is an ingenious and innovative new title where children can hold some of the pages up to the light to see the insides of giant dinosaurs. Alongside these dazzling optical effects, the ...