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16 Results
Little Fox goes to the end of the world —Tompert, Ann.

Little Fox tells her mother all the frightening things she will see and do when she travels to the end of the world.

Saint Patrick —Tompert, Ann.

A picture book biography of the patron saint of Ireland.

Grandfather Tang's story —Tompert, Ann.

Grandfather tells a story about shape-changing fox fairies who try to best each other until a hunter brings danger to both of them.

Saint Nicholas —Tompert, Ann.

A picture book biography of the patron saint of children.

Just a little bit —Tompert, Ann.

When Mouse and Elephant decide to go on the seesaw, Mouse needs a lot of help from other animals before they can go up and down.

Harry's hats —Tompert, Ann.

A young boy has fun doing different activities depending on the hat he is wearing each day of the week.

A carol for Christmas —Tompert, Ann.

Relates the important part a hungry mouse played in the creation of the Christmas carol "Silent Night."

Nothing sticks like a shadow —Tompert, Ann.

To win a bet, Rabbit tries to get rid of his shadow, with the aid of many animal friends.

Will you come back for me? —Tompert, Ann, author

Four-year-old Suki is worried about being left in day care for the first time until her mother reassures her that she loves her and will always return for her.

How Rabbit lost his tail —Tompert, Ann.

After falling asleep in a willow tree during a snowstorm, Rabbit asks various animals to help him get down, and when he finally follows Squirrel's advice, Rabbit ends up with the short tail he has had ever since.

The hungry black bag —Tompert, Ann.

Meeting several animals on their way to market, greedy Ole Goat takes their wares for his hungry black bag, but he suffers an unfortunate fate when he tries to take Bear's hat.

Badger on his own —Tompert, Ann.

Living on his own for the first time, Badger begins to wonder if his neighbor Owl will make life more difficult.

The silver whistle —Tompert, Ann

Having generously aided the needy with money he'd earned to buy a silver whistle for a gift to the Christ Child on Christmas Eve, a Mexican boy approaches the manger in the cathedral in embarrassment, only to find that h...

The Tzar's bird —Tompert, Ann, author

A tzar's fear of going to the edge of the world grows when Baba Yaga threatens him, but in time he learns that fear of the unknown is a senseless fear.