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Mouse loves spring —Thompson, Lauren, 1962- author.

A mouse and its mother experience the delights of nature on a windy spring day.

Mouse's first spring —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

A mouse and its mother experience the delights of nature on a windy spring day.

Mouse loves summer —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

On a bright sunny day Mouse and Minka celebrate summer with a picnic in the park.

Mouse loves fall —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

"On a crisp autumn day, Mouse and Minka celebrate fall by jumping in a pile of leaves"-- Provided by publisher.

Mouse loves love —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

Mouse watches his sister, Minka, gather a collection of craft items and then put them together to make something special.

Polar bear morning —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

A little polar bear cub ventures out of her den for the first time and meets a new friend.

Mouse loves school —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

Hiding inside a backpack, Mouse spends the day at school, discovering colors, letters, numbers, and his favorite thing--friends.

Hop, hop, jump! —Thompson, Lauren, 1962- author.

Rhyming text, accompanied by labeled illustrations that identify parts of the body, encourages readers to wiggle and twist, stomp and zig-zag, and hug and shrug.

Leap back home to me —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

A little frog makes increasingly bold leaps out into the world, and then comes back to his mother after each excursion.

Good night, Bunny —Thompson, Lauren, 1962- author.

Bunny says goodnight to flowers, animals, and family before snuggling into bed.

Chew, chew, gulp! —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text demonstrate a variety of ways to eat different foods.

Little Quack's ABC's —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

Little Quack and his siblings explore the pond and spy different objects for each letter of the alphabet. On board pages.

Hope is an open heart —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

Photographs and rhythmic text explore the meaning of hope and celebrate its power, especially in difficult times.

Mouse's first valentine —Thompson, Lauren, 1962- author.

Mouse watches his sister making a valentine and wonders what it is.

One starry night —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

One starry night, as all sorts of animals watch over their young, Mary and Joseph watch over their baby boy, Jesus, in Bethlehem.

The forgiveness garden —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-

Two children from separate, long-feuding villages decide to put aside their hatred and build a forgiveness garden to bridge the gap between their communities and end the cycle of violence.

The forgiveness garden —Thompson, Lauren, 1962-
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Inspired by the Garden of Forgiveness in Beirut, Lebanon, this moving tale examines two villages, long divided by a mutual grudge, and the act that finally makes them come together to reflect on their past, present, and ...