5 Results
5 Results
Probably a narwhal —Thomas, Shelley Moore, author.

Friendship is the winner in this hilarious contest between a girl who blames a narwhal for her mess and the narwhal who materializes to defend himself. This girl's room is an amazing mess between the pies, the paints, an...

The last rabbit —Thomas, Shelley Moore, author.

Albie, an enchanted rabbit who lived on the island of Hybrasil, visits each of her sisters, now living as humans, to decide where she wants to go before the island sinks.

Secrets of Selkie Bay —Thomas, Shelley Moore, author.

Selkie Bay is a place where the old legends seem very near, and eleven-year-old Cordelia believes that her secretive mother is a selkie who has returned to the sea--a belief that offers some hope as she struggles to care...

No, no, kitten! —Thomas, Shelley Moore, author.

Kitten likes to explore, pretend and get into trouble.

From tree to sea —Thomas, Shelley Moore, author.

Illustrations and easy-to-read text reveal lessons that nature teaches, such as how, like the sun, one can bring warmth to others by smiling and shining even when things look dim.