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29 Results
Do fish fart? : answers to kids' questions about lakes —Thomas, Keltie, 1966- author.

"This book answers children's questions on the ecology of freshwater lakes, breaking down the science, plants, fish and animals, and geography of life underwater."-- Provided by publisher.

Rising seas : flooding, climate change and our new world —Thomas, Keltie, 1966- author.

The Earth's oceans are on the rise. Since 1900, global sea levels have risen steadily each year to a global average of about 8 inches (20cm) today, and they're still rising. By 2100, the sea could climb as much as 14 fee...

Inside hockey! : the legends, facts, and feats that made the game —Thomas, Keltie, 1966-

A collection of events, legends, facts, and feats of hockey.

How figure skating works —Thomas, Keltie.

One of the most popular Winter Olympic sports in the world, figure skating{u2019}s appeal lies in its combination of gymnastic grace, athletic accuracy and creative expression {u2014} all with a hint of personal drama! B...

How basketball works —Thomas, Keltie, 1966-

Presents information on the history of basketball and famous players, along with explanations of rules and techniques. Basketball brings together dynamic maneuvers, fast-paced athletic grace, and an especially sleek styl...

How soccer works —Thomas, Keltie.

Explores many facets of soccer by providing a wide range of facts about the game, insider tips to play the game better and by discussing the science behind the sport.

How baseball works —Thomas, Keltie, 1966-

Does a curveball really curve? How do hitters swing with such zing? What makes the great players great? And how can you become one of "the greats?"

Bear rescue : changing the future for endangered wildlife —Thomas, Keltie.

Provides information about bears from around the world, their endangerment and a range of conservation programs to save them, including profiles of individual conservationists.

How hockey works —Thomas, Keltie.

Covers hockey from every exciting angle and explains everything you need to know about this favourite winter sport.

Sweden. The people —Fast, April, 1968-

Explores how the history, climate, and geography of Sweden have shaped the customs and practices of its' people, looking at daily life in both the city and the country.

Sweden : the land —Fast, April, 1968-

Describes the geography, climate, history, cities, agriculture, transportation, business and trade, and wildlife of Sweden.

Planet earth news presents super humans : truth is stranger than fiction —Thomas, Keltie, 1966-

Written in tabloid fashion and illustrated with bright cartoons, this is a collection of wild and weird facts about human achievements, eccentricities, and ingenuity.

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