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Daniel visits a pumpkin patch —Testa, Maggie, author.

Daniel Tiger is visiting a pumpkin patch with his family and friends. The best part is, Mom and Dad Tiger told him he could pick out a pumpkin to bring home. Once they get to the patch, there are so many pumpkins to choo...

My family is special —Testa, Maggie, author.

Daniel and his friends spend a day at the library learning about what makes their families special.

The mystery of the dragon eggs —Testa, Maggie, author.

When Dak and Leyla find dragon eggs they can't identify, they vow to take extra special care of them until they hatch. Cutter, Burple, and Aggro are put in charge of guarding the mysterious dragon eggs while Dak and Leyl...

Here come the Croods! —Testa, Maggie.

When caveman Grug and his family are displaced by a massive earthquake and must travel into the unknown, Grug is resistant to seeing the possibilities that his family sees for new ways of surviving.

Good night, heroes —Testa, Maggie, author.

"Two nighttime adventures starring the PJ Masks! The PJ Masks go into the night to save the day and defeat two nighttime villains! At the end of this busy night, these heroes are ready for a good night's sleep!"--Provide...

The boss babysitter —Testa, Maggie.

When Tim's parents go out for the evening, they hire a babysitter to watch Tim and Boss Baby. What could possibly go wrong? Turns out--a lot!

Books are the best —Testa, Maggie.

Daniel's friend O the Owl learns how to focus on one thing at a time.

Where is Robin? —Testa, Maggie.

The Joker is up to his usual mischief and now Robin is missing! Can Batman find him in time?

We can ride down the slide —Testa, Maggie.

Daniel wants to ride the slide. O is afraid. Daniel says they can ride together. They can ride down the slide!

Daniel finds a new friend —Testa, Maggie.

Join Daniel as he plays a game of hide-and-seek with his new neighbor.

A new friend —Testa, Maggie.

Buddy and Tiny have a new friend, Tank. Tank likes to eat plants. Buddy and Tiny like to eat fish. What will they eat for lunch?

You got a rock, Charlie Brown! —Testa, Maggie.

Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they go trick-or-treating in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read! It{u2019}s Halloween and that means one thing{u2026}it{u2019}s time for Charlie Brown and hi...

Daniel plays ball —Testa, Maggie.

Daniel, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina are playing at the park with Prince Tuesday. The group decides to play a game of animal ball, but Daniel can't seem to catch the ball. With some encouragement from Prince Tuesday...

Meet the new dragons —Testa, Maggie, author.

"Get to know the newest dragons from How to train your dragon: the hidden world--as well as favorites--like Toothless--in this book"--Page [4] of cover.

Catboy does it again —Testa, Maggie, author.

Romeo's remote control is one devious device. It makes Catboy experience the same events over and over again. Can Catboy break away from Romeo's power play? Or will the night never end?

Olivia loves Halloween —Testa, Maggie.

When Olivia and Francine can't agree on the Halloween decorations for their classroom, Olivia decides to focus on her costume instead.

Meechee's top secret society —Testa, Maggie, author.

"Welcome to the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society! Meechee, Migo, and the rest of the group are convinced that the legendary Smallfoot exists out there somewhere. So come find out where Smallfoot lives, what it eats, and why...

Vacation day! —Testa, Maggie, author.

Everyone's favorite boss is back! Boss Baby is taking a break from the office to have a well-deserved vacation in Paris. But once he's on the plane, he realizes that there are not one, not two, but thirteen babies on the...

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