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10 Results
Roadwork —Sutton, Sally.

There are many big machines and busy people involved in building a road, and this picture book, with its rambunctious rhymes and noisy fun, follows them every step of the way, from clearing a pathway to rolling the tar t...

Demolition —Sutton, Sally.

"From the huge crane with a swinging ball (crack) to the excavator that rams the walls (wham) demolition has never been so much fun! - cover.

Farmer John's tractor —Sutton, Sally.

When a flood causes a family to be stranded in their car, Farmer John's tractor is the only vehicle that is able to rescue the family.

Wheels —Sutton, Sally, author.

"Rumbly wheels, grumbly wheels, hauling-up-the-hill wheels. Wheels go fast, wheels go slow. Shout what's coming, if you know! A motorcycle has just zoomed by, and now a woman in front of the hotel is waving at something....

Bach 2 the future. Volume 2 —Humphreys, Fenella, performer.

Fenella Humphreys is equally as motivated as she is talented. Inspired by the solo violin music of J. S. Bach, she mixes in some of Britain's finest composing talents of today and the result is this new release.

Construction —Sutton, Sally.
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

Big machines and their drivers work together to build a library.

Every Second Counts —Armstrong, Lance.
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

Continuing where "It's Not About the Bike" left off, recounts Armstrong's life after cancer, his relationship with the French, disproved accusations of doping, and his work restoring a chapel in Spain.