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42 Results
Stowaways —Strickland, Brad, author.

Jake and Nog sneak aboard a shuttle piloted by Dr. Bashir, only to find themselves having to rescue the doctor from a camp of ruthless Bajoran assassins called the Turnaways.

The storm : a novelization —Strickland, Brad.

When videotapes are stolen by one of the stranded passengers of Flight 29 the ensuing problems complicate their attempts to survive an oncoming tropical storm.

The drum, the doll, and the zombie —Bellairs, John.

When thirteen-year-old Johnny Dixon and his friend Professor Childermass try to save the life of the elderly Dr. Coote, they find themselves facing the forces of a menacing voodoo cult.

John Bellairs's Lewis Barnavelt in The beast under the wizard's bridge —Strickland, Brad.

Lewis Barnavelt tries to avert disaster when the destruction of an old bridge threatens to release a diabolical force, the legacy of a long-dead evil magician.

John Bellairs's Johnny Dixon in the wrath of the grinning ghost —Strickland, Brad.

When a malevolent creature tries to claim his father as its latest victim, thirteen-year-old Johnny Dixon and Professor Childermass risk their own lives trying to save him.

John Bellairs's Lewis Barnavelt in The whistle, the grave, and the ghost —Strickland, Brad.

In the woods near his home in Michigan, thirteen-year-old Lewis Barnavelt stumbles upon an ancient grave and silver whistle that draw him, his best friend Rose Rita Pottinger, his uncle Jonathan, and their friend Mrs. Zi...

John Bellairs's Lewis Barnavelt in The specter from the magician's museum —Strickland, Brad.

When the evil sorceress Belle Frisson ensnares Rose Rita Pottinger in a magic web in order to steal her life force, Lewis Barnavelt must risk his own life to save his friend.

John Bellairs's Johnny Dixon in The bell, the book, and the spellbinder —Strickland, Brad.

When Fergie falls under the spell of an evil sorcerer, Johnny Dixon and Professor Childermass risk their own lives to save him.

Survive! —Strickland, Brad.

Twelve-year-old Kurt and his father encounter poisonous plants, an earthquake, and a gigantic flesh-eating dinosaur when they begin exploring the interior of the Outer Island near Dinotopia.

The guns of Tortuga —Strickland, Brad.

Fifteen-year-old Davy must pass as a servant boy on the island of Tortuga to help the Captain rescue British officers being held ransom there.

Mutiny! —Strickland, Brad.

"The lawless Caribbean of the 1680s is a hotbed of sailors, spies, and pirate gold, where the line between patriot and privateer is a thin one. New to this exciting and dangerous world, fourteen-year-old orphan Davy Shea...

Be a wolf! —Strickland, Brad.

When Joe and Wishbone must confront a scary neighbor who owns a big mean dog, Wishbone imagines himself as the hero Beowulf of Geatland who helps King Hrothgar rid his kingdom of the terrible monster Grendel.

Heart of Steele —Strickland, Brad.

It is 1688 and the Aurora is still sailing under cover, searching for the real pirate king, Jack Steele. Young Davy Shea is a full member of the crew now, helping his uncle in the ship's surgery whenever casualties arriv...

When Mack came back —Strickland, Brad.

When his older brother leaves the family farm in order to join the army in 1943, ten-year-old Maury remains behind to deal with his angry father and to care for Ben's injured puppy.

Salty dog —Strickland, Brad.

When he accompanies Joe and his friends to look for treasure in the condemmed Trumbull barn, Wishbone imagines himself as young Jim Hawkins who acquires a treasure map and soon finds himself involved with dangerous pirat...

Marooned! —Strickland, Brad.

The year is 2085, and a new teen has arrived at Mars Experimental Station One, a colony built to test humans' ability to live self-sufficiently in an alien and hostile environment. Already in existence for ten years, "Ma...

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